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4 Feb

My Measurements

i recently learned that one of the most Googled searches under my name is ‘sarah tripp measurements.’

i can’t say i’m surprised considering my body shape and size has become quite the topic of conversation over the past year. first, there was my screw the scale post last May where i proudly and publicly shared my exact weight. then there was my f-word post, all about how we as women need to do away with the word ‘fat’ when looking in the mirror and when talking about ourselves, and start practicing kindness and self-love instead. and then of course there was the viral ‘curvy wife’ post. robbie’s sweet instagram post dedicated to me took on a life of its own last August and literally made headlines around the world. all of this seems to have resulted in questions across the internet/social media like: how much does she weigh? what size is she? what are her measurements?

i have no problem answering these questions! not at all. as you all know, i’m confident in my curvy body and proud of this body positive platform i’ve worked so hard to build over the last four years. so just a few days ago, robbie & i took out the measuring tape and measured my bust, waist, and hips.

the result?


so there you have it! 43-inch bust, 35-inch waist, and 44-inch hips. translation: big boobs, thinner waist, and big booty. by most standards, i’m a classic hourglass figure.

but you know what? i don’t think any of that defines me.

yes, i’m a size 10/12. but that doesn’t define me.

yes, i’ve never had a thigh gap. but that doesn’t define me.

yes, my tops pull because of my chest and my jeans stretch out because of my butt. but that doesn’t define me.

instead, i’d prefer if my other attributes defined me.

my confidence.

my smile.

my laugh.

my kindness.

my style.

my heart.

there are so many things that are beautiful and special about each one of us, why limit ourselves based on a label inside a pair of jeans?

i’m forever proud to be curvy girl, but i also know that i’m so much more than that. and so are you!


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