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18 Dec

My Peloton Spin Bike Review

I’m so excited to share my Peloton review with you! I purchased mine at the end of March {right at the beginning of quarantine} and it arrived the first week of April. I’ve wanted one since we lived in San Francisco and I fell in love with spinning via SoulCycle. At the time, we didn’t have room in our tiny one bedroom condo. Fast forward to living in Arizona for a year and I knew it was time, especially with gyms and fitness classes outside of the home not being an option. My Peloton was hands down my very best purchase all year and I couldn’t recommend it more! That being said, I’m going to break everything down for you below.

One thing to note is that I am not a beginner spinner. I spun consistently in San Francisco at SoulCycle and when we moved to Arizona I went to a local studio {The Madison}. So although I do think a beginner can and should get a Peloton as well… I think it would be wise to make sure you even like to spin before purchasing if you’ve never done so before. It’s an expensive investment {bike + monthly fee}, and I’d hate to see you waste your money if you decide you don’t even like spinning as a form of exercise. I hope that all makes sense!

If you’re a beginner or riding for the first time in awhile, yes you will be sore for a week or two! That’s natural with any new workout, but especially with a hard bike seat. Get a seat cover and I promise you’ll get used to it over time!

The Details:

I purchased the original Peloton bike! The brand new Bike+ came out recently and although it looks fab and has some new features, I don’t have FOMO that I don’t have the latest version and I’ll explain why below. I purchased the Bike Works package, which includes shoes, weights, headphones, heart rate monitor, a bike mat, 12-month warranty, and delivery + assembly. I haven’t used the heart rate monitor, but everything else I use every ride! The total for the Bike package I chose was $2,145 + $39/month membership of unlimited Peloton content. So, definitely an investment, BUT I used to do SoulCycle three times a week and the cost was $33 per CLASS. So definitely worth it to me, especially because this is my very favorite form of exercise, both physically and mentally.

Besides the actual bike + membership, I also purchased a standing fan and a seat cover. Both are essentials to me for a great ride, along with having a water bottle. I used the headphones the package came with until recently, when Robbie gifted me Peloton earbuds for my birthday. In total, the Peloton is definitely an investment purchase, but like I said, easily my best purchase of 2020!

Why I don’t have FOMO about the Bike+:

The latest edition has a larger screen that swivels. This is great if you do a lot of the floor/strength programs within the Peloton app, and also if you have a designated gym area or room in your home. Because I don’t {my Peloton is literally set up in my formal dining room for now}, I prefer to do my Peloton floor exercises via the Peloton app on my phone or on my Apple TV in another room! So for me, having the original Peloton bike is just fine and dandy due to my set-up. If you’re wanting to save a few grand, skip the Bike+ {also has more speakers and auto-follow resistance} and just get the original model! It’s the exact same bike and program, just without the larger, swivel screen.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Why I love my Peloton:

It’s my favorite form of exercise! I never liked cardio until I tried spin class five years ago. It’s a great workout and I always work up a good sweat!

It’s fun! I love the different playlist options, the instructors, how I feel after a workout, and the community.

The Peloton community is amazing. There’s groups on FB you can join {I’m in the Pelo Women and XXL Tribe for plus size riders}. You can also follow along like-minded riders via the hashtags on the Peloton program and/or by following their profiles! I love that I can ride with my friends and followers all over the country. I love supporting others and giving virtual high-fives during rides. BTW, my leaderboard name is curvyfit if you ever want to join me on a ride!

It’s easy for me to see my own progress and push myself. While you definitely can compete with other riders, I personally try to beat my past scores. I love seeing my progress from when I started until now. I’m truly stronger, in better shape, have better endurance, and feel more mentally clear!

There is nothing better to me than being able to pop on my bike while Taz naps and get in my workout. I don’t have to leave my home or waste time driving somewhere. I can get in an AMAZING workout from the convenience of my own home. That is priceless to me at this stage in my life!

The variety of workouts are incredible, plus there’s always new classes! There’s obviously cycling classes, but also strength, yoga, running, meditation, outdoor, stretching, pilates, and more! Plus, there’s weekly/monthly/yearly challenges and various programs that help you build muscle, endurance, etc. For $40 a month, it’s 100% worth it. I used to pay $33/class at SoulCycle!

I honestly do not have a “cons” list for my Peloton. I love everything about it! It is expensive and an investment, but 100% worth the expense in my opinion due to the quality of the bike/classes AND financing is available! You also can do a 30-day home trial for the Bike/Tread, as well as a free 30-day app trial. So worth it to try it out before making the commitment… and I bet your bottom dollar you’ll love it!

My favorite instructors:

Cody Rigsby
Robin Arzón
Ally Love
Tunde Oyeneyin
Kendall Toole

My favorite rides:

30 min Lizzo Ride by Robin
30 min The Greatest Showman Ride by Robin
30 min Holiday Ride by Cody Rigsby {he’s wearing a green tank + red Santa hat}
30 min JLO Ride by Jess & Robin
30 min Backstreet Boys Ride by Cody Rigsby
30 min XOXO, Cody by Cody Rigsby
30 min World Mental Health Day Ride by Kendall Toole {you will cry!}
30 min Britney Spears Ride by Cody Rigsby
30 min Beyoncé Two for One Ride by Alex & Tunde
30 min Beyoncé Ride by Ally Love
30 min Pop Holiday Ride by Ally Love
30 min Nicki Minaj Ride by Ally Love
20 min Holiday Ride by Kendall Toole
any of the 10 min Arms Toning classes by Tunde Oyeneyin {love to add one of these onto my workout after a ride!}

My Referral Code:


Use my code to get $100 off your Peloton Bike or Tread purchase! I do get a kickback {$100 in credit to Peloton apparel}, but anyone who purchases a Peloton gets their own referral code, too! Share your own referral code once you snag a Bike or Tread yourself!

My Peloton Spin Bike Review | sassy red lipstick
My Peloton Spin Bike Review | sassy red lipstick
My Peloton Spin Bike Review | sassy red lipstick
My Peloton Spin Bike Review | sassy red lipstick
My Peloton Spin Bike Review | sassy red lipstick
My Peloton Spin Bike Review | sassy red lipstick
My Peloton Spin Bike Review | sassy red lipstick