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30 Oct

my pumpkin.

HaleyNordPhotography-4099these are some of my very favorite photos of robbie & i, and i’m so excited to share them with you! Haley Nord killed it with the lighting, like always. as i’ve mentioned before, Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, but i sure do love fall and this is about as festive as it gets for us. i’ll take viney, sunburst photos over Halloween costumes any day. i love my pumpkin!

in other news, i’ve teamed up with Chloe + Isabel rep Melissa to giveaway a pair of earrings! i’m wearing the Chloe + Isabel ‘Malachite + Pave Convertible Necklace‘ in this post. i love the dark green of the malachite stone, and how versatile this necklace is! you can wear it as one or wear each separately. how fab, right!? i paired it with my dark green booties to match. head on over to my insta for your chance to win the Chloe + Isabel ‘Minaret Crystal Petite Drop Earrings.’ these earrings are a great every day set, but you can also dress them up, especially with the Holidays just around the corner!

have the best weekend & enjoy Halloween! i’ll be staying inside making yummy pumpkin treats, handing out candy, & watching a themed movie. xx
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cardigan: Madewell
jeans: Joe’s
booties: Hush Puppies
necklace c/o: Chloe + Isabel
bracelets: Alex and Ani
watch: Michael Kors
ring: Vitrine Designs
lips: Faux

robbie’s outfit:
button-up: Urban Outfitters
jeans: Urban Outfitters
shoes: Nike

location: Cross E Ranch

photos by Haley Nord