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30 Jun

My Top 5 Pregnancy Essentials!

today i’m 25 weeks pregnant, which means i’ve been pregnant for over six months now! honestly, it’s flown by so far. a lot of that has to do with the fact that my first trimester we were still traveling a ton and then for most of the second we were prepping for a move, then moving into our home, and now getting settled, etc., so i’ve just kept really busy. July and August are our last months of travel and then it’s time to buckle down and prep for Baby Tripp’s arrival this fall! his nursery furniture will start to arrive in the next few weeks, and today my parents helped us put together his stroller. so surreal!!!!

that being said, i wanted to share five of my top essentials that have truly helped me through pregnancy thus far. each item has either helped me be more comfortable or more confident or overall just made me feel better… because pregnancy isn’t always easy!

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1. pregnancy pillow

i would suggest getting a pregnancy pillow as soon as you start to feel uncomfortable sleeping! i waited a bit longer than i should have and totally regret not getting one sooner. i have this u-shaped pillow and love it! because i like to sleep with my tempur-pedic pillow for my head at night, i can flip it upside down easily to do so {wouldn’t be possible with the c-shaped pregnancy pillows out there}. along those same lines, because of the u-shape i can also flip from side to side easily {would be a lot harder with the c-shaped ones}. i lounge with it during the day, too. it’s the best! thinking about getting this wedge pillow to take with us on our babymoon since it’s smaller and easy to pack.

2. stretch mark oil

i started using this oil early into finding out i was pregnant, and i truly believe taking care of stretch marks is super important {whether you have them due to pregnancy or not!}. when your skin begins to stretch due to any kind of weight gain or body change, it tends to itch and feel uncomfortable. nourishing and taking care of your skin helps so much! i’ve had a few people ask me if using a stretch mark cream or oil is body positive, and i say yes, absolutely! it’s taken me a long time to get to a point where i accept {and even love!} my stretch marks, but in all reality, they are just a part of a women’s changing body and need to be cared for properly. for me personally, it’s not about making them lighter or less noticeable, it’s about taking care of my skin.

3. prenatal vitamins

i started taking prenatals a few months before we officially started trying to get pregnant, so i’ve been on them for over a year and a half now! these are super important for the health of baby and mama, so i would definitely suggest looking into prenatal vitamins as soon as you’re ready to start trying. these are the ones i take!

4. easily refillable tumbler

it might mean a lot more trips to the bathroom, but staying hydrated during pregnancy is so important! i bought this 30 oz tumbler {comes in a ton of colors!} under $20 and i sip allllll day long {with multiple refills of course}. it fits in my car’s cupholder and stays cold for hours. especially since we are now living in Arizona with its dry, 100+ degree heat in the summer, staying hydrated has never been more important! i also think drinking more water than ever has helped me skin stay pretty clear during pregnancy {i’ll talk more about this in an update skincare routine soon!}.

5. a tub… preferably with luxurious bubble bath

this one is really all about comfort. there comes a point in pregnancy where all you want is to feel weightless and not achy and not swollen… and a bath helps with all of those things! of course, chat with your own doctor about bathing while pregnant, but i haven’t had any issues and always make sure my water is body temperature or cooler {which honestly feels the best in AZ summer anyways}. i pour in my favorite bubble bath and epsom salts {which helps relax muscles… so good for pregnancy leg cramps too!}, turn on some soft music, light a candle, bring in a snack, and relax. my favorite way to end the day!