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31 Jan

My Top Favorite Purchases of 2020

I wanted to wrap up January’s blog posts with my own favorite purchases of 2020! I shared YOUR favorite purchases here and some of the items even overlapped! I love when that happens. :] All of the below probably won’t surprise any of you, as it feels like I’ve talked about them all non-stop! That being said, it was fun for me to think of my favorite purchases last year, so I hope you enjoy this little roundup!

Hands down this was my favorite purchase of 2020. My Peloton kept me healthy, both physically and mentally, during such an insane year. The bike that “goes nowhere” truly was such a saving grace as a new mom figuring out motherhood during a global pandemic. Come read my full review here!

I am a huge watch gal! I’ve been wearing a watch every single day since high school. You all know I’m also a huge fine jewelry fan as well, so owning a Rolex was a goal for me! My dad has a beautiful one that was gifted by his mom {my grandma!} when he was about my age, and I hope to inherit it someday. I love the sentimental value of his watch so much! Anyways, I decided to purchase my own last year and bought a pre-loved Rolex from Ring Concierge! It’s one of my very favorite pieces of jewelry.

Align biker shorts and leggings
You’re probably sick of hearing about these items by now, but truly I LIVE in the Align shorts {also this length} in the summer {which is about six months of the year here in Arizona} and leggings the rest of the time. They are soooo buttery soft and comfortable! I’ve tried a few dupes and nothing compares, truly. I size down to the 10 and wear them all day for mom-ing, for athleisure, for spinning, etc. I promise they will become your favorite legging every!

Baby Jumper // Baby Basketball Hoop
These two baby items are not only Taz’s favorite from the past year, but also saved us as parents during such a crazy time! Talk with your pediatrician of course before using the jumper, but Taz was so so so happy in it and I truly think it helped build his leg muscles and why he started walking so early {10.5 months}. Robbie set the hoop up right as Taz started walking and to this day {15.5 months}, it’s his favorite thing and he plays with it daily! Had to add in a few baby/toddler items since our life has revolved around Taz the last year and a half <3

Nail Dashes
LIFE CHANGERS. First of all, you all need to know I am a nail girl. As in, since high school I’ve been getting my nails done every two weeks. Even in elementary school I would beg my mom to let me put on press-on nails for the first day of school {spoiler: they always fell off before the day ended} and other special holidays. I’M A NAIL GIRL. I love how a fresh mani helps me feel put together and can add to my LEWK. I’ve done acrylics, gels, SNS, etc. You name it, I’ve done it. After I had Taz, a friend of mine sent me pop-on nails to try and at first I was like… is this 2000s trend back?! Well I wore them once and the rest is history. It’s all I wear on my nails now and I’m obsessed! It takes me 15 minutes to do a mani, they stay on for 2+ weeks, and I feel amazingggg with them on. I still go to the nail salon about every 2 months for a pedicure, but as a busy working mom, these Nail Dashes are IT.

I feel like we’ve made it as adults now that we’ve built our own pool, haha! We started the process last April with Shasta Pools and our pool was completed in November. Definitely an investment, but IMO one thing you cannot live without in the desert… during COVID… last summer was so hard not having a pool to play in when we were locked down for so long! I’m such a water baby and now Taz is, too. Love having a pool already!

Hello Fresh
I am NOT a cook. But I CAN cook delicious Hello Fresh meals. We have used Hello Fresh here and there over the years, but we started to get it consistently every week last April {again, during the lockdown when ingredients and meet were sparse!} and haven’t looked back since! We get four meals a week delivered straight to our door that are delicious and healthy and come with all ingredients. We’ve all loved it and will continue to order for the foreseeable future!

Kyte Pajamas
There are a few baby brands I’m obsessed with and Kyte is one of them! I discovered Kyte a few months after Taz was born, but it’s become one of our very favorites! Kyte is made out of bamboo, so it’s super soft material AND hypoallergenic. Not to mention, it’s a cooler material than cotton, which really helps living in the desert. For all you mamas out there, invest in some Kyte pjs! Also… they now make them for adults, too :]

Pimple Patches
I started using these toward the end of 2020, and WOW how did I live without them before!? Basically, you stick a pimple patch over your pimple overnight and in the morning it’s typically GONE. The patch sucks up all the gunk {you’ll even see it in the patch!} and helps reduce the pimple drastically. As someone who has hormonal acne, it helps with that as well! Love these so much.

Biossance skincare
And lastly, 2020 was the year I switched all of my skincare to clean products {which I believe has also helped my adult acne}. I have a few favorite clean beauty brands, but I was introduced to Biossance last summer and it’s been one of my top most used clean beauty brand since! I love how gentle, yet effective, Biossance products are. My faves here, here, here, here, and here.

My Top Favorite Purchases of 2020 | sassy red lipstick
My Top Favorite Purchases of 2020 | sassy red lipstick
My Top Favorite Purchases of 2020 | sassy red lipstick

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