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7 Jun

national best friends day with Burke Williams Spa.

today, june 8th, is National Best Friends Day, and this year i’m celebrating with Ashley from Two Peas in a Prada and Burke Williams San Francisco! a few weekends ago, Burke Williams had us in for pedis and massages, and honestly, it was one of the best Saturday mornings i’ve had in a long time. i had just returned from a month of travel {not complaining, but it can be exhausting!}, and with both mine and Ashley’s schedules always being crazy busy, it was so relaxing to spend a few hours doing absolutely nothing. we even put our phones in our lockers for the duration of our spa time to truly relax! 

this was my first time at Burke Williams and i already can’t wait to go back. Ashley and i were able to catch up on girl talk and enjoy a pamper that made us feel like queens. the staff at Burke Williams is so accommodating too. we started with pedicures and they brought us a refreshing fruit plate to munch on while we got the works: callus remover, an extra scrub, foot massage, and a fresh coat of vegan polish {hot pink for me, of course}. we didn’t photograph it sadly, but the manicure/pedicure room is Paris themed with pink decor. so cute!

after, we both enjoyed a 50 minute relaxation massage. massages are one of those spa treatments i only get a couple times a year, so it was a real treat! i swear it always feels like time stops during a massage, and yet it’s always over too quickly. my masseuse was extremely professional and kind, and i really loved that she took into consideration everything i asked for. 

Ashley and i headed to the ‘Quiet Room’ after both treatments to fully soak in all the relaxing spa vibes, and it was the perfect way to end our morning at Burke Williams. we sipped water and lemonade all morning, so i felt refreshed & hydrated even after leaving. Burke Williams has many amenities including sauna, steam, hot tub, beautiful showers and fun products to get ready with! if you’re ever in San Francisco, this is the one stop shop for all your relaxation needs. come with your bestie, enjoy some time unplugged, and feel like a queen while you’re at it. xx

thanks to Burke Williams for having us!

photos by Shan Dru Photography