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27 Feb

no hassle with Uber.

it feels amazing to see Sassy Red Lipstick start to take shape into what i’ve always dreamed for it. Robbie and i have spent the past almost five years building this blog into what it is today and we are so proud of what it has become. we’ve worked with incredible brands, traveled the world, and best of all, we get to do it side by side!

as SRL continues to grow, so does the time and effort we put into it. the hustle and grind is real! each week we have new opportunities popping up that require a quick turnaround, a close deadline, or a last minute meeting. with our hectic schedules, the old adage holds true: time is money.

taking Uber to get places has always been a huge part of our busy lives. when i go to New York Fashion Week, i’m literally hopping in and out of Ubers all day to get from show to event to hotel. when robbie and i travel across the country and even outside of it, Ubers are our quick and easy trip from our house to the airport, then from the airport to the hotel.

we even use Uber in our own city all the time. considering we only have space for one car living in San Francisco, if we both have engagements at the same time, one of us takes the car and one of us takes an Uber. to be honest, i think taking an Uber is the better end of the deal because then i don’t have to worry about parking haha!

when it comes to using Uber, robbie and i always opt for the quick and spacious uberX. taking uberX allows us to have the car to ourselves so we can even get work done during the trip. even better, Uber now allows you to schedule rides! when i know i have a meeting later in the day, i can simply click the ‘Schedule A Ride’ button on the main screen and select a date & my preferred 15-minute window of time for my pick-up. an Uber will be waiting for me outside right when i need it!

uberX is also perfect for when we are headed to the airport, which is literally every other week. whenever we travel i have tons of outfits we need to shoot for campaigns and robbie has to pack all our camera equipment and other essentials. we usually have several pieces of luggage, which is usually a hassle but not when we have an uberX all to ourselves! also, we live only 15 minutes from the airport so taking an uberX  is even quicker and easier than usual. we don’t have to worry about bugging a friend to drop us off or worry about parking our own car, we just hop in and go. i honestly don’t know how we’d get to the airport so often without Uber.

basically, we rely on Uber in a major way and with all their new and helpful features, it makes getting around any city super stress-free! xx

thanks to Uber for sponsoring this post!