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18 Jul

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: try-on haul!

since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale began while we were out of the country, i ordered everything online this year! in fact, i have yet to even step into a Nordy for the sale, even though we are now home. that being said, i had a plethora of boxes upon arriving home full of Anniversary Sale goodies. i took the time to try on everything, sort through what i was keeping and what i was not, and below is the final outcome of the madness!

you can head to my IG Stories today {or see it on my highlights later} to view everything on me in real-time and what sizes i purchased! Public Access to the sale starts on Friday, July 20th, so check back then if anything is out of stock now! feel free to ask any questions below. i only am keeping less than a third of what i ordered {i know… robbie was not thrilled when he saw the initial bill come through for everything i purchased, haha}, so if you see something i said i ordered earlier on this post and it’s not below, feel free to ask me why i didn’t keep it! most likely it just didn’t fit right, but some items were too see-through or fit but i wasn’t in love with them. you get the idea!

and a few quick notes… i ordered three pairs of jeans from the sale, but one was cancelled, one didn’t even close to fit {these}, and one i didn’t love enough to keep {these}. that being said, the jeans i’m wearing with my tops are old! just FYI! there’s a few shoes in the below posts that are old, too. so i’ll just be linking what’s new and on the sale. xx