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12 Jul

#NSale tips & tricks.

IMG_1527this thursday, July 14th, marks the start of one of the biggest {and best} sales of the summer! as someone who has not only shopped this sale a ton, but also worked this sale as a Nordstrom employee several times, i’ve got some tips and tricks for you for the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

when: early access is July 14-21, public sale is July 22-August 7th
what is it: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is so unique because it’s a sale on the latest styles for this coming Fall! meaning you get the hottest trends for less! prices go back up at the end of the sale for the rest of Fall.
how it works: if you’re a Nordstrom credit/debit card holder, you get to shop the sale during early access! don’t have a Nordstrom card? sign up for one here. i personally have the Nordstrom debit card. that way, funds come straight out of my checking. for every dollar you spend at Nordstrom, you earn 2 points {the debit card can only be used at Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack. however, the credit card can be used for any and all purchases outside of Nordstrom, too.}. reach 2,000 points {or $1,000} and you’ll get a $20 Nordy Note back to shop with! plus, there’s double, triple, and even ten point days you get to use throughout the year, where points add up faster. it’s probably my favorite rewards card ever.
where: shop at your local Nordstrom store or online!

my tips & tricks:
as someone who has worked a few Anniversary Sales, i’ve got a few pointers for you.
+ shopping online right when the sale starts {at midnight tomorrow!!} guarantees you get every single item you want. but, obviously most people like to go in and try on {although, it’s free shipping both ways, so returns are easy. however, if you need to exchange, items might be out.}. i prefer to shop online first, and then go into the store within a day or two!
+ you can call and make an appointment with a personal shopper at your local store! that way, that employee is solely focused on you. he/she will run around the entire store with you, evening setting up a dressing room filled with your requests before you come in. he/she will also switch out sizes for you, put together outfits for you {including all accessories}, and do all the hard work of looking for a particular item. however, most of the first couple of days for appointments fill up fast {but this is a good tip for next year!}, so at this point in time most appointments would be for the end of the sale. and sadly, many things will be gone by then. i always loved working with personal clients one-on-one during the sale because not only is it fun {albeit very tiring from all the running around}, but i loved being able to solely focus on that person! it’s such a great way to shop.
+ whether you’re shopping the sale online or at the store, i would suggest looking through the sale catalogue that launches a week or two before the start of the sale! that way, you have an idea of what’s to come {and start making your wishlist}. see it here.
+ also, if you already have a personal shopper you shop with, they can send you the lookbooks for every department via text or email. i know every single item i want already because of that! just ask!
+ if an item you reallllllly wanted sells out fast, don’t worry too much! keep an eye on it online {or even in-store}, because a lot of people buy in bulk or multiple sizes and then end up returning whatever doesn’t work. chances are you’ll still be able to snatch it at some point! just be patient!

i love this sale and can’t wait to shop it! i’ll be sharing the best items from each category the day the sale begins so you won’t have to go through hundreds and hundreds of items. stay tuned and get your shop on! #nsaleIMG_1528