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30 May

pampering myself with L’Occitane lip products!

you all know i’m a huge L’Occitane lover. in fact, robbie and i even went to Provence, France with the brand last year to experience its birthplace, the inspiration and passion behind the scenes, and see the factories were all the products are made. we even met the owner and founder, Olivier Baussan and got to frolick around the L’Occitane lavender fields!

robbie and i both use many of their products in our daily beauty/hygiene routes, so i was SO excited when the brand launched their first ever lipsticks! not only that, they also created other incredible lip products, like balms, scrubs, masks, etc. the colors of the lipsticks are so fun and perfect for the bright, summery season upon us! plus, as always, they are made with the best of the best ingredients and are 100% vegetarian and 100% silicon free. in today’s post, i’m sharing a scrub, balm, and of course the lipstick itself in the shade Provence Sunset.

right now, our lives couldn’t be more crazy. we are moving into our new home-build this week {!!!!}, getting ready for Baby Tripp, and prepping to launch a slew of exciting work projects. amongst all the stress and chaos, i’m making sure to take moments, even if small, to pamper myself and show myself as much self-care as possible. i personally do really well with routines, so getting in my beauty routine both morning and night is important to me. i’ve added in a few steps to make sure i feel and look my best, starting with these new L’Occitane lip products.

i love a good lip scrub! it’s one of my secrets for keeping my lips healthy and smooth, since you all know i wear a lot of fun, bright lipsticks all the time. the L’Occitane Delicious Lip Scrub in Raspberry Crush smells deliciously fruity and gently exfoliates to soften lips and remove dead skin. next, the 3-in-1 Delicious Multi Balm leaves my lips feeling super moisturized! it can be used as a lip primer, daily lip softener, or overnight mask. and finally, i love a good pop of color and the L’Occitane Fruity Lipstick in Provence Sunset packs a punch. it provides a pop of natural color and glow that’s perfect for summer.

here are a few of my favorite ways to pamper myself:

-take a warm, relaxing bath
-read a book
-set aside time to do my complete beauty routine, including using my new L’Occitane lip products
-catch up with my bestie via a phone call
-bake a sweet treat and watch a rom com
-online shop in bed
-plan a girls night

what’s your favorite way to pamper yourself?! i’m super excited for all of you to try out the L’Occitane lip products, too! see the full range here. i’m adding this shade and this shade to my cart! which color is your fave?! xx

thanks to L’Occitane for sponsoring this post!