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12 Mar

playing DOS with friends!

fun fact about me: i can get pretty competitive when it comes to board games. in fact, over the course of our marriage, i’ve thrown more cards at Robbie than i care to admit, haha! that being said, i absolutely love game nights! sure, it’s fun to get all dressed up and go to an event downtown but to be honest, my idea of a perfect evening is to cozy up in the living room with our best couple friends, a bunch of snacks, and some fun board games {this is what we did for New Year’s Eve a few months ago!}. most game nights i end up laughing so hard i’m in tears because it’s so funny to see other couples interact in a competitive environment.

i’d have to say one of my favorite games {and the one where i get most competitive} is UNO! i grew up playing it all the time and got pretty good at it. when Robbie and i were first married and life was a lot slower/simpler {ahh the good old days!}, we would clear the table after dinner and play UNO for an hour or so. we’d keep score and the loser would have to dish the ice cream or something silly like that. as for the aforementioned cards being thrown, i only did it when he would hit me with too many +4’s! so rude!

considering my love for UNO, i was naturally very excited when UNO announced they were launching their first new card game in nearly 50 years… a sister game called DOS! the good folks at Mattel sent us a few packs of the new game that officially released at Target this month! we bought some popcorn and root beer, and invited over our best couple friends, Tamryn {from Wannabe Fashion Blogger} and her husband Jonny. check out some of the fun shots from our game night below!

the main difference between DOS and UNO is that you play with two decks in the center and you can throw down two cards at the same time. you can also now add the cards in your hand to equal any number in the center! there’s also new cards, including the ‘#’ card which acts as a wild card for any number! then, when you have two cards left in your hand, you have to yell “DOS!” and the first player with an empty hand wins! it’s such a fun spinoff of the original and we had a blast playing with our best friends.

if you love UNO or just fun games in general, then head to Target {or order online} to grab DOS and throw your own game night! i’d love to see your snaps of you and your friends playing the game. xx

thanks to Mattel for sponsoring this post!

photos by Shannon Righetti