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8 Mar

my podcast interview with About Progress.

happy international women’s day! this is such an important day to me because i love celebrating and empowering women. this morning i came across this video from the Tory Burch Foundation about women and ambition. ambition is such a huge part of my life and i hope women around the entire world can and will take the stigma out of reaching for our goals & dreams.

that being said, i’m really excited to share my recent interview with the podcast About Progress! Monica is the brilliant & kind woman behind this podcast and she interviews men and women who are working on achieving goals, improving themselves, and overcoming the idea of perfectionism. this podcast is all about knowing that life is about progress, not being perfect, and i am so honored that Monica reached out to interview me!

she entitled my interview ‘reaching for the stars’ and i love that! it’s the perfect way to describe how i approach my ambitions and dreams.

in this podcast, you can learn all about why i decided to share my own self-love journey online and encourage all women to be body positive, how i stay authentic when working with brands on sponsored posts, which brand i recently declined and why, how important it is for me to connect with my followers, and how much robbie’s support has influenced the success of Sassy Red Lipstick.

i’ve embedded the podcast above so give it a listen while you’re doing chores at home, driving around for running errands, or plugged in at your work desk. thank you so much for all of your love and support, and a big thank you to Monica! xx

lip print blouse
blush midi coat
distressed denim
hot pink Louboutin heels {similar herehere, and here}
Celine Luggage handbag
pearl earrings
Le Spec sunglasses {on sale!}
Candy Yum Yum lipstick
hair & makeup by TRU

photos by Joe Charles Photo

original outfit post here