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25 Feb

poolside confidence.

10if you’ve followed me for a while, you know i’m all about body confidence & positivity {see my previous posts Honor Your Curves & The In-Betweeners}! when Simple Sarongs reached out to me to try a sarong, not only was i excited to learn about the product, but what they stand for is even more important to me– poolside body confidence.

i haven’t always loved my body like i do now. growing up i was always most self-conscious at the beach or pool. i daresay that most girls & women can relate. i’ve always had thicker thighs, and i thought that i would never look good in a swimsuit if i didn’t have a thigh gap. i thought i needed to wear shorts, a swim skirt, or something of similar design to cover up my ugly thighs. it was always the part of my body i was most self-conscious of while in a swimmy. looking back, i think it was such a silly thing to be so self-conscious of, however it’s something i still do think about, and i’m sure it’s something most women still do think about! being in a swimsuit can leave anyone feeling very vulnerable.

{disclaimer: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a thigh gap! as i’ve gotten older, i’ve just realized that having one, or not having one in my case, should never define beauty or self-confidence. just as having curves, or not having curves, doesn’t define your womanhood. i only advocate my curves here and on social media because i want other women to know that they can & should love their own!}

i’ve become more comfortable with my body the older i’ve gotten, and i’ve realized that curves can look great in a bathing suit {um, hello Ashley Graham}. for the most part, i still have the same shape i’ve basically always had and i’ve learned that even with my curves, i can put on a swimsuit & feel just as beautiful in it as an evening gown. and you should, too! now, that’s not to say that we don’t all have, at some point, self-conscious thoughts that creep on it. it’s natural, because we are all human, and trust me, it still does happen to me. i’ve always believed that it takes more effort to love your body than to shame it. but it’s so very possible! with positivity and confidence, we can all strut our stuff around the pool. because every single woman has insecurities, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t beautiful & that doesn’t mean we can’t pull off a rockin’ suit.

and that’s where Simple Sarongs comes in. the company promotes poolside confidence with a buttoned sarong that can be worn around your waist, hips, and under your shoulders for comfort, confidence, and modesty. it’s the perfect way to cover up when needed, without sticking to a wet swimsuit or sliding off. take it off and it becomes your poolside towel! the perfect combination of fashion meets function. i’m in love with my leopard sarong {duh, cheetah/leopard always!}, and for a limited time it’s 25% off with code ‘sassyredlipstick‘ at time of purchase!

i’ve had a lot of people ask about the details of this suit on my instagram {also here}! it’s from Raising Wild & probably one of my favorite suits i own, plus it’s true to size. i love how flattering it is! and for someone with a DD chest, it totally works great! the suit is double lined without cups, but you can tie the top and the back as tight as you’d like. viola, support! Raising Wild has so many other cute suits {need this one when it’s back in stock!}, and i’m a big fan of supporting local.

it’s getting closer and closer to spring break, and summer is just around the corner! i know having poolside confidence doesn’t always come easy or fast because i’ve been there! but it’s so, so possible to feel great in your own skin. don’t ever forget you’re beautiful, even in a swimsuit. xxsassyswim9DSC_0443DSC_0482 1DSC_04373 DSC_0458 2 11 5DSC_0439DSC_0509DSC_0406bswimsuit c/o: Raising Wild
sarong/towel c/o: Simple Sarongs
sunnies c/o: Karen Walker via Ditto
lipstick: Rebel
spray tan c/o: Airbrush Tanning by Natalie