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16 Oct

powder room touchups with MAC’s Powder Kiss Lipstick!

i’ve been a long-time fan of MAC lipsticks! in fact, MAC RED was the red lipstick i was wearing when i first coined the term ‘Sassy Red Lipstick’ years before my current blog came to be. so you could say my love for MAC cosmetics runs deep. last week, Bloomingdales helped launch Powder Kiss, MAC’s first Lipstick innovation in over nine years {!!!!!}. i ran on down to our local Bloomingdales in the heart of SF to pick up a few shades and try out the new formula.

while at the MAC counter in Bloomingdales, soooo many women were asking for the product and several colors had already sold out, which was really cool to see! i picked up the shades Shocking Revelation {a blue red} and Sultriness {a pink mauve, perfect for fall!}. the first thing i noticed about the new lipsticks was the packaging! the lipstick tubes themselves feel like, well powder! oh so smooth, buttery, and soft. i tried on one of the shades immediately after purchasing and loved how the Powder Kiss Lipstick instantly moisturized my lips! the finish is matte and soft, just like the packaging. is there anything better than a hydrating lipstick!?

i’ve always loved how pigmented MAC lipsticks are, and the Powder Kiss is no different but with a hydrating finish. perfect for wearing day to day when you need a pop of color. perfect for slipping into your little clutch for a night out on the town. and perfect for touching up in a powder room! you can shop the Powder Kiss Lipsticks at or pop on into your local store! i’m so here for this new lipstick innovation by MAC and i bet all you lipstick lovers will be, too! xx

‘Shocking Revelation’ Powder Kiss Lipstick c|o Bloomingdales
‘Sultriness’ Powder Kiss Lipstick c|o Bloomingdales
pink velvet dress by Mestiza New York
pink & leaf print powder room: Stem Salon

thanks to Bloomingdales for sponsoring this post!