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12 May

robbie’s TEDx talk.

it’s finally live! i have been waiting so patiently for Robbie’s first TEDx talk to go live on the official TEDx YouTube channel and now it’s finally out for the world to see! i was such a proud wifey sitting in the front row, watching him flawlessly perform his talk i had seen him spend countless hours working on. he recited it to me so many times before the big day that i’m pretty sure i could give his talk too, haha!

Robbie Tripp chose this topic because he’s passionate about it and also because it’s one that so many people have different opinions on. everyone seems to have such strong views about Millennials and it is so fascinating to hear both sides. i think Robbie’s viewpoint is such a unique take on the whole argument.

whether you agree with it or not, i would love to see you share this video on Facebook and talk about your own feelings on Millennials. can’t wait to hear what you think!

thanks so much for watching! xx

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