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9 Apr

screw the scale.

hi, my name is sarah tripp! i’m a fashion blogger and i weigh 170 pounds.

now, does that make you think differently of me? if so, maybe we should part ways. if not, stick around and let’s chat about the scale. i’m here today to say one thing: screw the scale and its stereotypes.

full disclosure, i do own a scale. it sits in the bathroom and collects dust, and probably a couple times a year i weigh myself just to see how things are going. but i’ve come to a freeing realization lately. i’ve realized i don’t need a scale. in fact, i’ve become so in tune with my body i can tell you if i’ve gained or lost a few pounds simply by how my clothes fit, how i look in photos, and even how i’m feeling. i don’t need a scale and neither do YOU.

i get that some women really like to track their weight. but more often than not, i think most women dread getting on a scale and don’t feel great when they get off it. i don’t think many will disagree with me when i say that for most women, weighing themselves on a scale is an endless game of chasing an imaginary number that they think will make them feel good about themselves. but it never really does.

is this enough real talk for you so far? well, i’m not done yet. in 2012, as a college student, i hit my heaviest weight of 211 pounds. which as you can imagine, is heavy for my 5′ 5″ frame. yes, you read that correctly.

i remember getting off the scale and feeling completely hopeless & like someone had punched me in the gut. my weight had fluctuated since high school but never did i expect to see a number in the 200’s ever.  i didn’t feel good before i got on that scale, and i sure as hell didn’t feel good after i got off.

looking back on that now, the only regret i have about that time might surprise you: why did i even do that to myself? i already knew i needed to kick my fitness routine into gear. i already knew i was eating out constantly and not being conscious of what i put in my body. i already knew my soft parts were getting softer. i knew all this prior to getting on… so why did i think a stupid number would help me feel any better?

we put enough pressure on ourselves to look good and feel good, why define ourselves by an arbitrary number that means nothing to anyone but you?! and not in a good way. i’ve said this a million times, but it’s so important to feel good {workout, eat healthy, get enough sleep, etc.} and that will automatically make you feel that you look good. and a number on a scale doesn’t need to be the only thing in the world that can make you feel happy, healthy, and beautiful.

you may have seen my post recently on Aerie’s instagram. i always have to prepare myself for people looking to bring me down when i’m reposted on a large account {especially when i’m in a bathing suit… hi, trolls}. i hesitated to share this story and give any time or attention to negative comments, but i think it’s important: one woman outright called me fat, a few others said i don’t look like the size i stated {a size 10}, etc. so here’s what i have to say on this topic. size does not matter. what matters is how you feel.

yes, i wear a size 30 in jeans, i’m generally a size 10, take a large in tops, usually snag a size 12 in dresses to accommodate my chest and booty, etc. yes, i am 5’5. yes, i am 170 pounds. and guess what?! it doesn’t matter to me. every women carries weight differently, no matter her size, shape, frame, etc. i’m proud of my strong thighs, even though they touch. i’m proud of my big booty and large chest, because they give me my curvy figure. i’m proud to be an active, curvy woman {#curvyfit}.

related: Sarah Tripp tells Women’s Health that “beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes”

i’m here to tell you that at 170 pounds, i feel great. i’m happy to report that i’ve never been in a better place with my body image. not only do i feel great, but i know i look great too. i’m not ashamed to say it because i’ve embraced my body type, instead of thinking that the only way to feel beautiful is by hitting a certain number on a stupid scale.

so my message here is this: screw that scale! throw it out the window! i promise, it’ll make your life a lot happier. xx   pink one piece swimsuit {also love this, this, and this}
chiffon beach sarong {black version here}
straw hat
round sunglasses
pink nouveau lipstick

photos by Dre Lowry