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21 Jul

second trimester recap!

i am 28 weeks today, which means i am officially in the third and last trimester of my pregnancy {and 7th month!}! it’s honestly flown by, but at the same time i can’t believe i’ve been pregnant since January, either. that being said, i wanted to share a recap of how my second trimester went! if you missed my first trimester recap, you can find it here.

{18 weeks}

for the most part, second trimester has been a dream! i had heard it’s typically the best trimester, as most nausea has let up from first {mine did around week 12} and it’s before you’re super uncomfortable and large in the third {mostly true for me!}. i thought i’d break down my symptoms from second trimester for you below:

more energy!
this was definitely the trimester of energy! it was around when we announced {16 weeks}, that i was feeling SO good. i could make it through an entire day without napping, get work done like normal, and not fall asleep by 8pm at night. it was much welcomed after feeling so sluggish during first trimester!

no longer nauseous
as mentioned above, mine let up about week 12, which means i wasn’t nauseous at all during my second trimester. i was back to eating normally for the most part!

no heartburn
knock on wood, but i have yet to experience any heartburn this pregnancy! most women tend to have it starting in the second trimester but i definitely skipped it. here’s hoping that continues!

no serious cravings
towards the end of my first tri, i wanted citrus all.the.time. during second, i haven’t really experienced any intense or weird cravings.

{20 weeks}

eating habits
however! towards the second half of my second trimester, i’ve definitely noticed how it’s much MUCH better to eat small meals more frequently each day. it’s getting to the point that baby boy is so big that not a whole lot of food fits in my stomach anymore. if i eat a big dinner, i feel sluggish the rest of the night and too full. definitely can’t eat the same amount i used to!

leg cramps
while i haven’t experienced heartburn, i have been getting leg cramps at night and it is so painful! when i first started getting them {in first trimester!}, i upped my daily water intake. once they came on in second trimester {and much more painful!}, i’ve been trying my best to eat a banana a day to get my potassium in, too. when the painful ones {think charlie horse!} happened, i woke up screaming and scared robbie so bad! i didn’t know to flex my foot to make it stop and it went on for what seemed like hours {but really just minutes}. definitely not fun! we also Theragun my legs after major cramps to help relax the muscle. the only real solution is water, water, and more water, so i carry around this tumbler every where i go!

stuffy nose
pregnancy congestion is real! just ask robbie about my snoring, haha! i can tell the most when we are laying down watching a movie or show at night before we go to sleep, but he can tell while i sleep too… whoops! this should go back to normal after giving birth.

{22 weeks}

hands and feet swelling
yes, it’s happening! by the evening every day, my ankles are definitely swollen. i’ve noticed it here and there in my hands, too. and traveling is a whole other story! i use these compression socks and this blow-up foot rest to help reduce swelling while flying. i haven’t yet gotten “pregnancy lips,” but definitely wouldn’t mind those, haha!

growing stretch marks
i’ve continues to use this oil on my belly, hips, upper thighs, and boobs throughout my entire pregnancy! however, i had stretch marks prior to being pregnant, so i knew it was just a matter of nourishing my skin as it stretched. while my stretch marks do continue to grow, they are still just silvery and not red. i think that’s because it’s been a priority of mine to take care of them, just like i would any other skin on my body. they don’t bother me at all, and in fact i think they are a beautiful part of pregnancy and my body growing and changing!

{announced Baby Tripp was a BOY on Father’s Day at 23 weeks}

sneezing… and peeing!
i laugh every time this happens. i knew this was a thing but the first time it happened while pregnancy i just giggled! it’s only happened a few times {and it’s always just a little pee… TMI!?}, but just be prepared for that.

growing belly
baby boy is over two pounds {the size of an eggplant as of today!}, and boy is it showing! it’s been so crazy and fun to watch my body grow and expand. my belly is now hard and round and BIG! angles are everything though, and sometimes depending on what i’m wearing, you really can’t tell a ton unless it’s from the side {people tell me all the time on IG Story try-on hauls}. my belly growth is measuring right on schedule according to my doctor!

{23 weeks}

weight gain
i talked about this and my feelings on it over on an IG post, but i’ve officially crossed into weighing 200 pounds and i’ve gained about 20 pounds so far! my doctor said a healthy weight gain for me would be between 25-35 pounds, so i’m right on schedule for that. numbers aside, i feel great, baby is healthy, and that’s all that matters!

sleeping habits
once i hit about week 20, it was really hard to feel comfortable sleeping and that’s just continued more and more. i cannot lay on my back for very long at all {in fact, i got really sick at an ultrasound/anatomy scan doing so for almost an hour!} and when i lay on my right side for long, my hip cramps. left side it is! which technically is the preferred side since there’s no vein on that side and allows for the best blood flow… but i’ve always been a back or right side sleeper, so it’s been an adjustment! i use this body pillow at home and travel with this small one to prop up my bump {and an endless amount of hotel pillows for support between my hips, legs, back, etc.}.

{26 weeks}

little baby kicks
i started feeling baby move/kick here and there around week 20 and 21! it was seriously such a crazy feeling! robbie felt him move for the first time at 24 weeks. since then, he’s a little mover! there’s been sweet moments where robbie has been holding me and baby will kick exactly where his hand is placed… and it makes us all three feel so connected and loved! at first, i felt him the most when i was relaxed laying down, although now i’ve started to feel him move all day long when i’m at home just working, too.

doctor’s appointments
we see our doctor or nurse practitioner once a month, but moving forward it’ll be every two weeks {and closer to my due date it’ll be every week!}. during the second trimester, we had a few ultrasounds/anatomy scans too, so we felt like we were there every two weeks or so anyways! which is so fun. i love getting to either hear baby’s heartbeat or see him on an ultrasound. our first attempt at an anatomy scan {which is a long and thorough ultrasound to make sure all of baby’s organs and body parts are growing and measuring well} was at 20 weeks. unfortunately, baby boy did not cooperate and hid the entire time so we barely got any measurements! he was facing my back with his legs crossed AND hands covering his face, haha! talk about camera shy. we went back at 24 weeks for a second anatomy scan and finally got all his measurements and got to see his sweet little face. he has my button nose! baby is healthy and measuring well :]

overall comfort level
it’s hard to feel super comfortable these days. i hardly ever want to wear clothes while at home in Arizona, as everything makes me feel like a sweaty sausage, haha! i think that’s pretty normal at this point. i’ve definitely had the hardest time with bras and underwear. i love this bra the most {and wear one day and night now for support} and these soft panties {as well as my Skimmies!}. i’m writing this post on our babymoon in Hawaii and it’s been SO nice to just wear little bikinis and thin coverups every day. i definitely feel out of breath most of the time, too. but overall, i’m thankful to have had a relatively easy pregnancy thus far and i’ve truly enjoyed it!

travel schedule
our babymoon is our last major trip {going home tomorrow!} until baby boy comes! we are traveling to Orange County for a family beach trip next week but that’s nice and close. my Vegas baby shower is towards the end of August, but other than those two things, August is our last month of travel for the year! we’ve decided to stay home for all holidays this year too, and family is coming to us instead. we are both very much so looking forward to nesting before our little guy comes and getting furniture in. his nursery items started being delivered while we have been away and i can’t even wait to get started on it when we are home!

{my Utah baby shower at 26 weeks!}

pregnancy has been such a joy in both of our lives and we couldn’t be more thankful for this sweet little blessing! only 12 more weeks or so until Baby Tripp makes his debut! thanks for all your love and support during this exciting time of our lives. means the world to us! xx

{28 weeks on our babymoon in Hawaii!}