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4 Aug

Self-Love During Pregnancy

today marks 30 weeks being pregnant! that means we get to meet our sweet little babe in just 10 short weeks! it feels so surreal that in a few months we will be parents and all the responsibility that comes with taking care of our little human. the other day robbie asked me if i was nervous for birth, and i said i was more nervous Baby Tripp was going to come before everything is ready, haha! i’m a planner which means i’m kind of already stressing that the nursery isn’t even close to completed nor have i ordered a single item to pack in my non-existent hospital bag. first time mom here, can you tell?!

as for the birth, i feel pretty at ease with it and honestly can’t wait for this little man to finally be in our arms. i will be sharing my “birth plan” with you all… but i’ve decided that i’ll be doing so after he’s here rather than before. i know what an ideal birth for me would look like, but i’m also trying to keep expectations realistic since things can change in an instant.

that being said, i thought i’d share some of my thoughts on self-love during pregnancy. i’ve mentioned a few times on my IG that i was mentally prepared before pregnancy for the weight gain. i had always joked with robbie over the years that i was going to be a “whale” when i was pregnant because i’ve always put on weight so easily in most of my adult life. he’d always lovingly chuckle and say “but you’ll be my whale.” :) little did i know that the changes my body was about to go through during pregnancy were so much more than just weight gain.

there’s been stretched skin, belly button changing, a fuller face, back aches, swollen feet + ankles, leg cramps, congestion, swollen fingers, and more. there are days when energy is low and the only way to describe how i’m feeling is HEAVY. simple tasks like bending over to sweep the floor or standing on my feet to cook dinner are now difficult. and don’t even get me started on pregnancy sex, haha! let’s just say that if getting out of a chair feels like an insurmountable physical task, then a romp in the sack is probably out of the question most days. everything you’ve heard about this area of pregnancy is true, it just becomes really difficult, quite uncomfortable, and therefore no one really has much fun. Robbie has been so amazing helping me in every aspect this pregnancy and has been very understanding of everything. we’ve always had such a spark in our relationship and now it’s just a little bit different but every bit as bright. at the end of the day, it all boils down to communication and making sure your partner is satisfied, feels cared for, and vice versa. intimacy can be expressed in many different ways and i think that’s important for mothers-to-be to remember not to put too much pressure on yourself.

but overall, i’m very grateful to have had a pretty easy pregnancy thus far! i haven’t ever been truly miserable, even with first trimester nausea. we’ve all heard the horror stories of women who are sick for nine months or who have to go on bed rest and i’ve been very fortunate to have a relatively easy pregnancy. it’s been incredible to watch my body change into a living vessel for another human being. my weight gain has been right on schedule for what my doctor told me was healthy and i must say i’m pleasantly surprised with how i’ve put it on! overall, i know every woman’s pregnancy is different and there are plenty of times where it is hard physically, mentally, and emotionally.

my best advice for other mama’s, and for myself, is to be kind yourself! 

since sharing my pregnancy with all of you, i’ve received countless messages/emails/DMs asking for advice on how to remain confident and feeling good while pregnant. and my answer is always that: be kind to yourself! your body is going through incredible, but also tough changes and sometimes we are our own worst critic. like anything else in life, there will be tough days. there were days i didn’t have the energy to get out of bed {and these days i have to roll, heave, and grunt to get out!} or put on makeup or didn’t get my daily walk in. and you know what? it always left me feeling pretty gross and down about myself. but at the same time, my body needed to rest in order to grow the little human inside of me. and that’s okay!!!

as a self-employed businesswoman, there’s been days i was really tough on myself for not getting through my long check list… or pushing myself too hard and getting through it and feeling absolutely miserable after. for me, it’s really been trial and error to figure out how to navigate this new stage of life! and it’s just beginning. but once again, i just need to be more kind to myself and go with the flow.

yes, health during pregnancy is important: getting in exercise, eating nutritious food to fuel you and baby, taking a prenatal vitamin, etc. but i can also be the first to admit i haven’t been as active as i should have been during this pregnancy. i got off track during first trimester when i was super nauseous, then i had zero energy, and now my back/feet just constantly hurt. robbie and i always jokingly say our new mantra “just keep her moving” as a way for me to remember to get steps in and get my heart rate up!

all of this is to say that you’re doing okay, mama. be kind to yourself! your body will tell you what it needs, whether it’s to rest, exercise, eat a certain way, etc. i’ve also received some messages asking me about body confidence post-baby. i’ll let you know once i get there and experience it firsthand! as for now, my outlook is that it took you nine months to create life, so remember it’s going to take time to “bounce back.” i’m not expecting to be back in my pre-pregnancy jeans by the second month postpartum. i already know i’ll be carrying around extra baby weight at Christmas still and i’m okay with that! it’s all about making peace with the journey.

so take that nap! soak your aching body in the tub! shut off your phone and have some alone time with a book! self-love during pregnancy is just as important and you should take the time to do what you need to do to feel good. don’t worry about those extra pounds. you and your doctor alone can determine your health and the health of your baby.

you’re doing great, mama! here’s to self-love and finding confidence even as your body changes. xx

enjoy these hibiscus tub maternity photos that we took in Hawaii! Robbie and i had so much creating these photos together in our own little private jungle oasis. more info on this experience down below!

these photos were taken at the Hibiskiss Love Tub {IG here!} in Kailua, Hawaii on Oahu. they are some of my favorite pregnancy photos and i couldn’t recommend this experience enough! we shot for an hour and the price included the flower crown. Dm them for more info! we took our own photos instead of using their photographer.