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27 Aug

Sephora sale faves!

today is the last day for the Sephora Summer Sale where you can take between 15-20% off your order depending on if you’re VIB or Rouge status! use code “SUMMERSAVE” at checkout. with my baby shower and traveling over the weekend, it’s the first time i’ve had a chance to sit down and shop the sale myself. BUT i wanted to squeeze in a post and share with you the products i purchase over and over again and what’s in my cart!

top 10 Sephora favorites: 

1. my favorite full coverage foundation
my shade changes throughout the year and i’m currently wearing the 4.75! definitely get color matched in-store! Emily recommended this foundation to me a little over a year ago and i’ve been hooked. i wanted full coverage and matte and it does it’s job perfectly. it’s pricey, but well worth it IMO!

2. my go-to concealer
there’s a reason this is a fan favorite for many! it’s creamy and provides great coverage. i wear the shade Creme Brulee or Custard depending on the time of the year.

3. best primer + setting powder
i’ll lumping these together because they are by the same brand and i feel work SO well together. i prefer the hydrating version of the primer because it makes my skin feel so moisturized {it’s the first thing i put on my skin after my morning skincare routine has soaked in and before any makeup!}. the setting powder does such a good job of keeping my makeup where it should be all day long!

4. my every day blush
i’ve been wearing this blush for years! time after time, i’ll try something new and yet still go back to this one. it’s the prettiest shade of peachy-pink with shimmer.

5. prettiest highlighter
i purchased this bar of gold highlighter palette last year after seeing it being recommended by Helena, and it is soooo good! you get three different shades {i prefer to mix them all on my brush} and thus it creates the prettiest shimmer.

6. best lip mask
the desert girl in me has always been a chapstick hoarder UNTIL i started using this super hydrating lip mask every night and now i hardly ever have to wear chapstick during the day. it’s THE best! my lips are always so soft and my lipstick/lipgloss goes on so much smoother.

7. at home facial
i currently am not using this product pregnant, but when i’m not i use it once a week and it’s a mini facial! you leave it on for 20 minutes and it tingles in the best way. after, your face feels sooo smooth and bright.

8. daily peels
another product i’m not using while pregnant, but i use these every single night when i’m not! i swear by them evening out my skin tone and they are anti-aging, too. i don’t use these on the one night a week i use the above facial product, FYI!

9. my go-to shampoo + hair mask
one of my very favorite hair brands, i’ve been using products from their various lines for year! i love how silky and smooth and hydrating this combo makes my hair feel. i use a hair mask in lieu of a conditioner to really seal in hydration. i only wash my hair twice a week, so the price points are worth it to me since they go a long way and truly work!

10. my signature liquid red lipstick
i’ve been wearing the shade “beso” for years and i always come back to it. it’s the perfect blue-red shade, stays on all day, and isn’t overly drying.

what’s in my cart that’s new to me:

{several of these items are recommendations from friends/other bloggers!}