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25 Jan

shopping with Tradesy.

happy friday babes! i’m super super excited about today’s post because it features something i’ve been using for years and can’t wait to share with you! there’s a lot of info to cover in this post, so stick with me. i have amazing coupon codes at the very end!

i first stumbled upon Tradesy in 2013. i’m sure i was googling a specific handbag and happened upon this amazing resale site. at the time, there really weren’t very many. i made my first purchase from Tradesy in 2014 {this Louis Vuitton bag to be exact… okay okay, robbie purchased it for me for Christmas!} and also purchased sequins pants for the holiday season. i still wear them to this day {last seen in this IG post from just last month}! needless to say, i haven’t stopped browsing Tradesy since. i’ve purchased items, sold items, resold items i’ve purchased on the site, etc. in fact, some of my most used items today are from Tradesy, like my Louis Vuitton Neverfull and my rose gold Michele watch!

Tradesy is awesome because you can sell what you have and turn right around and buy what you crave! you receive more commission off the items you sell if you use Tradesy credit to purchase anything from their site. you can also be paid out if you’d rather have your own cash when sales are made. also, it’s the best kept secret from husbands when you sell something and turn right around and use your credit to buy something else, haha! you probably all know by now that i am constantly reselling my handbags to make room for new ones. Tradesy is the perfect way to make this happen. while they are many items on the site that are pre-loved, you can also find items that are brand new with tags still on them, too!

i mostly use Tradesy when i’m looking for a very specific item: something that’s been sold out in stores, something that is from a past season, or something unique that no one else might have. i absolutely love using all of the filters on Tradey’s site. you can filter by brand, size, color, price, condition, item type, even discount, etc. for example, at the end of last fall, i realized my bag collection was missing something velvet and darker toned. i searched first by brand: i had seen a bag i really liked by Prada, the Cahier to be exact. next i searched by color and finally i searched by condition. since velvet is a pretty delicate material, i knew i wanted a new bag if there was a velvet one in this style. i landed on this gorgeous velvet Prada Cahier bag pictured in this blog post and it was love at first site!

basically, i love Tradesy and have used the site for years! there’s nothing like finding the item you’ve been looking for forever or even just browsing the site & stumbling upon something amazing. i created a page with Tradesy called ‘Sarah’s Picks,’ which are my current favorite items on the site! there’s a lot of pink, cheetah print, feminine silhouettes, my favorite handbag brands, and lots of pointy toe shoes. there’s various styles & sizes, so be sure to take a few minutes and browse through all the pages.

and lastly, i’ve listed a handful of my own pre-loved designer items on my Tradesy closet! i’m super excited about this because it’s definitely been a few years since i’ve listed my own items here, and i can’t wait for you all to see the buying process! i actually am letting go of a few items i never though i’d part with, simply because i don’t reach for them anymore. you know me, it’s time to make room for a few new handbags. out with the old, in with the new… or gently pre-loved courtesy of Tradesy! if you’re curious, you can view my ‘favorites’ page here and see what i have my eye on.

it wouldn’t be a closet sale without some discount codes, too! use the below codes on my closet only to save yourself a bit of mula:

$100 off $800: SASSY100
$50 off $400: SASSY50
$25 off $250: SASSY25

if you’ve used Tradesy before, i’d love to know! if not, log in here and start browsing! i’m positive you will love this resale site just as much as i have over the years. if you have any questions about the Tradesy, feel free to ask away! i’m an open book and happy to help! happy browsing! xx

update: my discount codes now work on ALL of Tradesy’s site, not just my closet!!!

maroon ruffle sleeve sweatshirt dress
floral blanket scarf {sold out, love this one}
velvet Prada Cahier bag c|o Tradesy
silver sparkly Chanel boots {love these!}
Chanel brooch
rose gold tassel earrings
rose gold Michele watch c|o Tradesy
Celine sunglasses
Patina liquid lipstick

thanks to Tradesy for sponsoring this post!

photos by Alexis Exstrom