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16 Dec

our stay at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

i was so excited when the iconic Palace Hotel here in San Francisco invited robbie and i for a little staycation! it worked out perfectly that they offered our stay during my birthday week, and because it’s the holiday season, the Palace was full on decked out in festive Christmas decor! we’ve stayed at many hotels over the years, but i’m being completely honest when i say this was the most magical experience we’ve ever had. between the extremely kind employees, their meticulous attention to detail {more on that later}, the gorgeous suite and breathtaking view of the city from our room, robbie was asking if we could move in permanently by the end of our stay, haha!

we’ve stayed in hotels in downtown SF before, but this was our first time even stepping foot into the Palace Hotel. i had done a bit of research prior to arriving, so i knew it was an iconic landmark but i don’t think i was fully prepared for how incredible it really is. the architecture and history give it such a classic luxury while still being completely modern and state-of-the-art. upon arrival, the valet conveniently whisked away our car, and we were greeted warmly when we checked in. the Palace management was incredibly kind and booked us a beautiful Deluxe Suite. when we walked into our room, robbie and i just looked at each other with our jaws dropped! we set our things down in the beautiful bedroom and went into the sitting room… where the Palace had left an entire birthday spread of a ‘happy birthday sarah’ cake, macarons, pastries, and the sweetest birthday note. they were even so kind as to place a variety of bottled waters on ice for us because they had done their research and knew we didn’t drink {we never even told them!!}! the attention to detail was so appreciated and we enjoyed our treats as we looked out of the sitting room window to our incredible view of Market Street! {i should mention here that one of robbie’s very favorite part of the room was the heated toilet seat in the bathroom; something we both had never experienced before, haha!}

we then hurried downstairs to attend the Palace’s Signature Tea in the beautiful Garden Court. lucky us, it just so happened to be on a Thursday, which is when Santa comes to mingle with the children and enjoy the relaxing afternoon tea. the menu featured seasonal teas, so robbie and i both decided to order the herbal Sugar Plum Fairy tea. robbie’s favorite part of high tea is always the precisely cut finger sandwiches {egg salad specifically}, but mine will always be the beautifully made desserts! our berry and vanilla-infused tea was incredible too. the Garden Court is right in the center of the Palace, which means you get the most lovely view of the stunning gold decor and architecture.that evening we had a couple events to attend in the city and the Palace was in perfect walking distance because it’s situated right in the heart of downtown SF. however, before we headed out we checked out the indoor pool and spa. not many hotels in SF have indoor pools anymore, and certainly not with a full glass ceiling that displays the views of the skyline. next time i’m definitely bringing my swimsuit! we arrived back to the Palace after our events and snuggled up in the provided robes and ate our treats in bed. it was a luxurious way to end a night at the Palace! our king size bed was so comfy and we both were snoozin’ in no time.the next morning, we ordered breakfast to our room {which was phenomenal}, soaked up as much of the Palace’s holiday decor as we could by taking some photos, and then checked out! it was a stress-free morning and we loved being able to sleep in and enjoy the incredible hospitality.many of you messaged me on Instagram during our stay and said you’ve been to the Palace for special occasions: honeymoons, anniversaries, family trips, or a birthday. the Palace is such a great choice for a luxurious stay in San Francisco and i couldn’t recommend this hotel enough! it is a piece of history {it was the first luxury hotel in SF and the largest in the world when it was built!} and it lives up to its reputation in every way. it has everything you could ever want in a hotel: incredible service, comfortable accommodations, and conveniently located. you can see the Palace’s full list of fun things to see and do in SF here.

you can bet we’ll be back soon! thanks so much to the Palace for having us! xx