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6 Feb

styling neutrals in the winter

you know i love my colorful wardrobe, but there’s also something so chic about wearing neutrals especially in the colder months. i don’t mean black {i usually stay far away from black actually… just a personal preference!}, but rather whites, creams, nudes, etc. i even consider blush a neutral because it can be so light. since you see so much color on me, i thought it’d be fun to dedicate a blog post to how i style neutrals and examples of recent outfits!

i really love a monochromatic look, but i also loving mixing neutrals. a camel sweater and white jeans are a perfect example! since i live in Arizona, that’s about all the layering i need. BUT my very favorite coat is a long camel wool coat, which is perfect for throwing over your ensemble when you need more warmth.

i wore the below outfit to meetings in Dallas and felt so chic! keep scrolling to see more examples of how i style neutrals. i love a good monochromatic look, a shearling coat {which usually has cream and tan tones} over jeans, a white sweater dress + camel knee-high boots, etc. i love color, but i also think there’s a time and place for neutrals! which outfit below is your fave?! xx

camel sweater + white jeans

white sweater dress + camel knee-high boots

tan shearling jacket + white bodysuit + jeans

monochromatic camel loungewear top + bottom

white turtleneck + camel wool coat + white booties

cream sweater + white cropped flare jeans

tan sweater dress + camel OTK boots