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1 Aug

summer layers.

IMG_7830i kid you not that this is the coldest summer i’ve ever experienced. we didn’t know this before moving, but apparently San Francisco is known for its cold summers {it warms up in September & October}. there’s almost always fog and i wear or bring a sweater everywhere. some days can be super nice in the high 60s, low 70s, but most mornings are around the 50s. i don’t mind these temperatures, but i’ve definitely had to adjust my summer wardrobe. i’m used to wearing pretty much all dresses in the summer, and while i mostly still blog summer clothes since all of you are experiencing heat waves, dresses aren’t warm enough most days! it’s pretty crazy to me.

to adjust my wardrobe, i’ve been wearing a lot more jeans this summer than usual. but, i’ve also been adding light layers, too. in today’s outfit, i kept it tropical with this printed jumpsuit {sadly sold out, similar version here}, and added a light duster cardigan! this kind of outfit keeps me warm, while still wearing summer colors and prints. it’s all about balance, right?!

tomorrow we are off to Florida for a family vacation! can’t wait to experience some real summer weather. we are flying into Orlando to go to Harry Potter World {who else has finished the new 8th story!?} with my parents, and then we are driving down to Miami to visit my brother and his family who just moved there! he starts med school this week {!!!!!}, and we are going to support him in his White Coat Ceremony and of course spend time together exploring Miami. thanks to everyone who gave me amazing recommendations on my IG! it’s going to be so fun, but i have a huge to-do list to get through today. have the best Monday! xx

IMG_7829 IMG_7813 IMG_7876 IMG_7879 IMG_7795 IMG_7832 IMG_7885 IMG_7801 IMG_7911 IMG_7848 IMG_7857 IMG_7805 IMG_7914tropical jumpsuit {similar}
duster cardigan
pink lace-up sandals
Tory Burch pink handbag
round sunglasses
gold necklace
pink nouveau lipstick

photos by Lisha Wang