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12 Aug

sun drop tanning.

as most of you know, i’m a Las Vegas native. that means growing up i spent my summers in a swimming pool. i’m sure my mom lathered me up with sunscreen, but i was always ‘a little brown berry’ as mom would say. i have a natural olive skin tone and would get so dark in the summers. i always prided myself on how tan i could all throughout high school {where i was a lifeguard at the local YMCA} and even into college. i wasn’t always good about using sunscreen, however. in fact, i would regularly let my skin burn because i had the skin type where it would turn right into a tan within a day or two. obviously not healthy!

as i’ve gotten older, i’ve realized how important it is to take good care of my skin. i’m hardly in the sun compared to my formative years, and when i am i always use a sunscreen of 30+… and never let me skin just fry. but that doesn’t mean i still don’t love a good glow and that’s where sunless airbrush spray tans come in! i’ve been getting spray tans pretty regularly for the last six months or so. I recently went to Sun Drop Tanning in Walnut Creek and absolutely loved my experience. since summers here in SF are chilly, having a gorgeous glow helps me feel summer ready, even when i’m not in a bathing suit! it’s important to remember that getting a tan is not size {or even age!} restricted. yes, you have to strip down when they spray you, which might be a little intimidating for some, but you seriously feel so good after! it’s not a big deal at all and it leaves you looking fantastic. nothing quite like a {healthy} summer glow to help you feel confident. as my grandma always says: “tan fat looks better than white fat.”

these photos were taken the day after getting a spray tan from Sun Drop Tanning and i seriously love how natural it looks. this tan lasted about two weeks, which was perfect timing for our vacation to Florida last week! the owner Lisa sprayed me and she’s so knowledgable about how to take care of your tan.

here are some tips she gave me:
1. shower and shave (and exfoliate) the day before. if you need to shower that morning you can but we typically recommend the day before.
2. waxing and pedicures should also be at least one day before.
3. no deodorant or perfumes the day of your appointment.
4. bring dark, loose fitting clothing.
5. bring flip flops.

post-tan, i was instructed not to take a shower anywhere between 12-24 hours after so the tan could process. during that first shower, it’s important to only wash your armpits and privates. no scrubbing and definitely don’t use a loofa! Lisa gave me some product from Sun Drop Tanning to help my tan last even longer! my tan slowly faded within a few weeks, without turning orange or ever streaking. let’s just say i’ll be back soon! thanks Sun Drop Tanning for helping me feel beautiful and confident! xx

IMG_2577 IMG_2565 IMG_2537 IMG_2580 IMG_2569 IMG_2582 IMG_2603 IMG_2550 IMG_2576 IMG_2590 IMG_2545 IMG_2524 IMG_2608 IMG_2566airbrush spray tan c|o Sun Drop Tanning
striped red dress c|o Everlane
distressed denim jacket c|o Recycled Consign & Design {also here}
red lace-up flats {designer version here}
layered necklace c|o Amare Jewels
Karen Walker sunglasses c|o Ditto
Tory Burch cheetah backpack
MAC Red lipstick
Hidden Crown hair extensions

photos by Lisha Wang