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6 Sep

sutro baths.

these are easily some of my very favorite photos robbie & i have ever taken. i’ve been dying to shoot at the Sutro Baths ever since we moved to San Francisco, so when Chantel {my sister in law} was in town we headed there one moody Sunday night. the weather and lighting were perfect, the color of my dress matched the surroundings perfectly, and while shooting we ran into florist Michelle Lywood, who was shooting with her own gorgeous bouquet that just so happened to match my dress. also, the birds!!!!! the birds made this shoot just as magical as it looks. i could go on and on about these photos, but i won’t since i’m already posting so many of the pictures. i just love them all.

if anything, these photos just remind me how much i love living in such a beautiful place with my robbie.

happy tuesday babes! i head to New York Fashion week early Thursday morning! i’m so excited but have so much to do still. it’s going to be a crazy week, but i’m so ready for it! xx
tripp_sutro-6tripp_sutro-3tripp_sutro-20 tripp_sutro-83 tripp_sutro-111 tripp_sutro-51 tripp_sutro-62 tripp_sutro-11 tripp_sutro-23 tripp_sutro-63 tripp_sutro-36 tripp_sutro-80 tripp_sutro-91 tripp_sutro-47 tripp_sutro-105 tripp_sutro-35 tripp_sutro-16 tripp_sutro-102 tripp_sutro-53 tripp_sutro-43 tripp_sutro-87 tripp_sutro-100 tripp_sutro-92 tripp_sutro-81 tripp_sutro-74 tripp_sutro-70 tripp_sutro-66 tripp_sutro-78 tripp_sutro-64 tripp_sutro-72 tripp_sutro-56 tripp_sutro-29 tripp_sutro-94 tripp_sutro-84 tripp_sutro-76 tripp_sutro-71 tripp_sutro-65 tripp_sutro-28 tripp_sutro-120 tripp_sutro-37 tripp_sutro-52 tripp_sutro-13 tripp_sutro-61 tripp_sutro-42 tripp_sutro-21 tripp_sutro-12sequin & tulle dress
nude pumps
fresh moroccan lipstick
floral arrangement by Michelle Lywood

photos by Chantel Marie