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26 Jun

the beauty of Utah.

HaleyNordPhotography-8this was my last shoot Haley & i shot in Utah before i moved! we decided our last shoot should be a styled one, and we teamed up with some incredible vendors {all linked below} to create some magic out in the middle-of-no-where Utah. i’m so happy with how these turned out, not only because i loved the pink smoke bombs, but also because of the memories these encompass. let me explain…

i’ve had these photos for awhile, and i’ve had the hardest time posting them. mostly because i wanted to be able to share many of them on instagram and space them out, but also because i was pretty bitter leaving Utah. for those of you who follow me on snapchat, you probably remember my rants about our landlord situation before we moved. i don’t want to focus on the negative because i’m over it but it’s important to the meaning behind today’s photos. to sum it up, we loved our beautiful home in Utah {we were renting}, but our landlord was awful, especially the two months we lived there. i won’t go on and on about it, but basically he decided to sell the house and then pretend like he didn’t have people currently living there. he started three major projects all at once {re-roofing, building a new fence, pouring new concrete, and showing the home to prospective buyers} all as we were packing and i was working from home. it was pretty miserable having our home turn into a messy, noisy, chaotic construction site for weeks on end, and strangers coming into my home as i was dealing with the overwhelming task of moving out of state. long story short, i was so ready to get out of Utah and that situation, i wasn’t even sad about leaving our first city we called home together or our family! sad, right?

it’s been over two months since we’ve lived here in California, and i’m finally at a point where i love being here {transitioning was a bit harder than expected}. i’ve moved on with how things ended with our landlord {to put it even more into perspective for you, he gave us a fraction of our deposit back because he didn’t like how we mowed the lawn and other silly things like that. but life goes on, right?}. i look back on these photos now and they remind me of just how special Utah was {and is} in my life. the beauty of Utah is one of a kind and shooting out in the middle of nowhere with just the sounds of nature & a setting sun is an incredible feeling. i’ll definitely miss getting shaved ice on warm summer nights in SugarHouse, the amazing colors of fall, the first snow of winter, the incredible sunsets, our UT family {be back to visit later this month though!}, and calling SLC our first home. i’m oversharing photos on this post, but they are special to me.

thanks for following along on my journey in life, no matter the location. xx
HaleyNordPhotography-53b HaleyNordPhotography-13 HaleyNordPhotography-9 HaleyNordPhotography-24 HaleyNordPhotography-3 HaleyNordPhotography-22 HaleyNordPhotography-2 HaleyNordPhotography-26 HaleyNordPhotography-30 HaleyNordPhotography-19 HaleyNordPhotography-45 HaleyNordPhotography-6 HaleyNordPhotography-35 HaleyNordPhotography-43 HaleyNordPhotography-32 HaleyNordPhotography-51 HaleyNordPhotography-15 HaleyNordPhotography-54 HaleyNordPhotography-39 HaleyNordPhotography-42 HaleyNordPhotography-14 HaleyNordPhotography-40 HaleyNordPhotography-52 HaleyNordPhotography-25 HaleyNordPhotography-50 HaleyNordPhotography-11 HaleyNordPhotography-38 HaleyNordPhotography HaleyNordPhotography-57 HaleyNordPhotography-56

HaleyNordPhotography-48 HaleyNordPhotography-58metallic silver dress
black pointy flats {similar}
hair c|o Runway Salon
makeup c|o Jessika Luz Makeup
bouquet c|o Native Flower Company

photos by Haley Nord