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9 Sep

The Best Undergarments for Pregnancy

i’m 35 weeks pregnant and so close to meeting our little man! that being said, i’ve definitely had some trial and error throughout my pregnancy on what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to comfy yet functional undergarments, especially within the latter part of my pregnancy. it really just gets to a point where if it’s not comfortable, i won’t wear it! especially with how hot it is here in Arizona during the summer, the cooler the better {and the least amount of clothes the better… haha!}. i plan to share a blog post about maternity fashion {think: only stretchy, cool fabrics like cotton}, but today i wanted to share what’s worked for me in the undergarment department. i’m also going to include my favorite loungewear and pjs as well because let’s be real i’m not getting dressed much these days!

let’s get started! i’ll be trying on a few items below on Stories, so check my “prego undergarments” Highlight Story to see how things fit!


maternity specific items:

-my number one most asked question lately has been about my belly band. i started wearing mine in the third trimester, but honestly wish i would have sooner! it’s helped so much with lower back pain and just keeping my tummy tight in the front. it comes in two colors {i have the white and here’s the black} and i wear the size large {here’s the sizing guide}. i honestly wear it all day every day under my clothes or on top of them when at home. yes, i even go out in it now! you can kind of see the outline of it depending on what i’m wearing, but the relief it brings is worth it to me. this is a pregnancy must-have IMO!

-you all know how much i love my Skimmies {also here}! i wore them for *most* of my pregnancy and sized up one size {to the xl}. they are perfect for wearing under dresses and skirts to prevent chaffing. they aren’t actual “shapewear” and are made of a cooling material. however, once my stomach really started to get huge {30 weeks and on}, i purchased these shorts that are made for maternity. i love them! they do everything i need them to do {smooth, support my belly, prevent chaffing, etc.} and were just more comfortable being so pregnant. i wear the large in them! these are considered shapewear, but there’s a lot more give and breathing room compared to the below item.

-for when i really felt like i needed a little extra oomph, i purchased the Spanx Mama shorts {in size D}! i love Spanx shapewear, so i wanted to have one pair on hand that would work for maternity outfits. i wore them to my baby shower and plan to wear them later this week for our official maternity photos. definitely not something i would wear every day pregnant, but nice to have on hand for those more special occasions when you want to feel your best!

-i was just sent this brand new belly wrap for postpartum! it launched today and i’m excited to have it after Baby Tripp arrives. i’ve heard from several friends that wearing a belly wrap after pregnancy helps a ton. this one in particular is meant to compress and support your belly, hips, and waist, while strengthening the tummy muscles weakened by pregnancy. i’m excited to try it!


-pretty quickly i couldn’t handle any bras with underwire! i snagged this wireless pushup bra in my second trimester and have loved it! it’s perfect for wearing with actual outfits when i’m out and about, date night, shooting pics, etc. my cup size hasn’t really changed since being pregnant, but my band size has gone up quite a few sizes as i’ve expanded outward! i wear the 42D in this bra.

-i couldn’t be more obsessed with this wireless bra! it’s sooo soft and comfy, but also gives you great shape. i wear the 40DD in this and have it in a few colors! i also have this bra in the bralette style, too. wearing the xxl for comfort!

-this bra is super comfortable and molds to you. i love wearing this under loungewear.

-something i didn’t expect while pregnant was needing to wear a bra at night! my first trimester my boobs were super tender and i needed the support. i wear this bralette most nights! i sized up to the xxl for comfort and it’s the best. probably going to labor in this one!

-the gray bralette i’m wearing above is here and it’s another great bralette! wearing the size xl.

-i haven’t tried it out yet, but this is the nursing bra i have for post-baby!


-my very faves have been this seamless brand. they are so comfy, smooth, cooling, and stretchy! you can also purchase them here, here, and here. i have them in every color and wear the size xl while pregnant.

-i also own these super soft undies in just about every color! they come in a thong version as well. i wear the size large.

-these hipster undies are also super soft and a bit thicker, so i like how supportive they are of my belly! i wear the xl.


-these are by far the most soft loungewear pants i own! i loveeee them and have them in both colors. i wear the xl!

-the “Stars Above” brand at Target has some of the most comfy loungewear, too. i have these shorts and these pants {and have multiple colors!}. i wear the size large in them!

-i love this brand for both loungewear and pjs! i just ordered this star set.


-by far my favorite pjs are the cooling ones from Soma! i love their night dresses, shorts, pants, tops, etc. they are super soft, keep you cool, and seriously so comfy {are you picking up on a necessary quality!?}! packing a few of these for the hospital! i wear the size xl while pregnant.

-i loveeee this short sleeve robe. i have it in the lilac {sadly sold out} in the l/xl!

-these are my favorite open-toed slippers {perfect for AZ!}.