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7 Jun

the meaning of happiness.

yellow is the most happy color to me! anyone else? in fact, my high school best friend’s favorite color is yellow, and she is easily the happiest person i’ve ever known. i love being around people with a “yellow personality”–they exude kindness, love, and overall positive vibes. i’ve been thinking a lot about happiness lately. with our busy schedule and crazy life, i feel like i’ve really had to dig deep to hold onto true happiness. and i’ll tell you what it is not— money, fame, status, etc. i can see why so many well-off people in the world are actually unhappy: they are looking for happiness in all the wrong places! it’s so easy to get sucked into the worldliness of what’s ‘supposed’ to make you happy.

true happiness comes from something much deeper. it’s in the people you surround yourself with, the passion you put into work, and for me, the love of God. it’s being kind to everyone and trying to live life the best way you know how. it’s being positive when negative situations cross your path. it’s being grateful for even the smallest things: a sunny day, accomplishing a goal, laughing with your spouse, etc. true happiness can’t be purchased.

happiness comes naturally for some. and for others, it’s more work. and that’s okay! we all handle it differently. robbie and i try so hard to spread happiness and positivity on our platforms because to us, life is supposed to be about joy and doing what you love. i hope you leave our space feeling uplifted & inspired.

i’m constantly working on my happiness because it’s really easy for me to get sucked into the whirlwind of life. so this week, i slowed down, focused on what is important, and revalued what makes me happy. the color yellow makes me happy. beautiful flowers make me happy. spending time with robbie without our phones/distractions makes me happy. as we enter the second part of 2018, i’m focusing on more intentional happiness because at the end of the day, it’s the most important part of living to me. xx

yellow linen dress {also here}
red sandals
Cult Gaia wooden bag {i have the large}
red polka dot scarf
heart sunglasses
Katie Dean starburst necklace
Mamacita liquid lipstick