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7 May

the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s Day is less than a week away, and this year it’s extra special because it’s my own first Mother’s Day! that still feels pretty surreal since Baby Tripp is still cooking, but special nonetheless. our anniversary is always the weekend of Mother’s Day {sorry to our moms!}, which means Robbie and I are usually traveling to celebrate or enjoying a small staycation just us two. we always like to send our moms thoughtful gifts to let them know we are thinking about them and love them since we can’t be with them. flowers, meaningful cards, a watch, a handbag, etc. are just a few of the gifts we’ve sent our moms over the years.

i myself am a huge watch gal and have been wearing one every single day since high school {got that from my momma!}. when smart watches first started coming out, i could never find one that was both fashionable and functional, so i never purchased a smart watch. which is kind of crazy to think about since my entire life/career revolves around technology! when Garmin released their new vivomoveHR watch, i was so excited to check it out! Robbie has been a huge Garmin fan for years and always wears his while running. the vivomoveHR version finally met my needs: it’s stylish, fashionable, and totally functional as a smart watch! it has the face of a traditional watch {and i love the rose gold details on mine!}, yet fully functions as a smart watch.

i’ve been wearing it for the past bit {in fact, wearing it on our trip to NYC currently!} and i love it’s features. you download the Garmin app and sync your watch to your phone to begin. it tracks your steps, heart rate, shows you all your phone notifications {texts/emails/check-in to flights/etc.}, let’s you see the temperature outside, allows you to control the music on your phone, and more! plus, the app shows you even more health and sleep stats. i also love that every hour it tells me to “Move!” which is super helpful when i’m in the zone working from home. gotta get my steps in and keep Baby Tripp healthy!

the best part is it’s an affordable option for a smart watch, as the model starts at $199. there’s a special promotion for Mother’s Day, and the Garmin vivomoveHR watch is $50 off from now until 5/11! i love this one and this one, too. such a great gift to give a special momma in your life this Mother’s Day! xx

thanks for Garmin for sponsoring this post!