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13 Oct

the perfect print.


this blouse at Nordstrom was calling my name from the moment i laid eyes on it!
the perfect print: sassy red lips.
i love the subtle blush pink lips hidden in the blouse as well.
you could say this was an ‘insta-buy,’ as robbie likes to call it.

this weekend i attended Provo Fashion Week,
& i was so impressed by all the different lines and the hard work of the designers.
i went last season, its inaugural season, and this second season was on a complete different level.
i’ll be posting a recap on that later this week!

saturday night, robbie & i went and saw ‘Meet the Mormons.’
i don’t get very preachy on here,
but this is a touching movie for people of all faiths & cultures to go see.
it portrays 6 different {Mormon} families from around the world trying to live Christ-like lives.
yes, i cried multiple times & the hubs teared up as well.

& while we are talking movies, last night robbie & i watched the documentary Fed Up with our sibs,
andddd let’s just say we cleared out all the sugar in our house and have begun the Fed Up Challenge!
wish me luck because sugary treats are my weakness!

lastly, i just hit over 5,000 ‘likes’ on my sassy red lipstick Facebook page!
(click ‘Like’ on the sidebar to your right if you haven’t already!)
thank you all so much for your support!
this blog gives me so much fulfillment to express my love of fashion
& it means a lot that you all follow along!












blouse: NYDJ
jeans: Paige
handbag: Kate Spade {similar}
sunnies: Target
necklace: J. Crew Factory
watch: Michael Kors
heels: Shoe Dazzle
lips: MAC Red