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13 Mar

the pink ladies.

i’m sure you’ve seen this pink power suit many times {here and here to name a few}, but i’ve been holding off on this post for a good reason! today is Tamryn’s birthday and i wanted to shine a light on this special lady on her special day! i’ve known Tamryn for almost two years now and it’s crazy to think it’s only been that long, considering how close we are. we met about a month after Robbie & i first moved to San Francisco. i actually DM’d her a few weeks before we moved to introduce myself because i loved her incredible style and wanted to get to know her. moving to a brand new city as an adult can be scary and hard because it’s not always easy to make new friends. i actually met Tamryn for the first time at one of Veronica’s pop-up shops {she used to also have a clothing brand!} and ironic enough all of our husbands were there too! it was so fun to come full circle this past weekend as we all celebrated Tamryn’s birthday all together again. i’m so thankful for the incredible friends i have here in SF!

one of my most special memories with Tamryn is when we went to New York Fashion Week together. it was her first time and it was so fun to experience it all with her! it was a Sunday and we were walking from one event to another and decided we needed to grab a quick bite to eat while we had some time. we were talking about places to eat when Tamryn asked me: ‘i know you try not to spend money on Sundays so i can pay for your lunch.’ i was so deeply touched that she remembered my religious beliefs and cared enough about me to make such a thoughtful offer. of course i didn’t make her pay for my lunch but that gesture was so sweet and i’ll never forget it.

the best way to describe Tamryn is kind and genuine. i use those words a lot when describing her because in the fashion blogging industry, those qualities can be hard to come by unfortunately. don’t get me wrong, i’ve met so many incredible women with good intentions through blogging, but connecting on a deeper level to form a true relationship isn’t always easy. Tamryn always says she’s an introvert, but i love how open she’s always been with me from the start. we connected quickly and became fast friends. she has a heart of gold, is fiercely loyal, and perfectly understands my weakness for designer bags. the best part is that our husbands have become great friends too, and we all have the best time spending weekends together {which we do as frequently as possible!}. i know i can talk to her about literally anything and she understands me. it’s a true friendship and i’m so lucky to call her my best friend! so thankful that we can always share real laughs!

happy birthday Tamryn! love you boo… and especially love matching with you in pink power suits! xx

our pink suits:
pants {also here}

‘girl power’ tee
black and gold Gucci heels {similar here}
Chanel Vanity bag
Celine sunglasses
Pink Nouveau lipstick

‘femme’ tee
black sneakers
white sunglasses
black and white Gucci bag

photos by Shannon Righetti