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20 Jan

The Saguaro Hotel.

if you followed along on social media over the Christmas break, then you’ll remember that my surprise Christmas gift from Robbie was a vacation to The Saguaro Hotel {pronounced Sa-WAH-ro} in Palm Springs! about a month before Christmas he informed me i needed to pack tropical swimsuits and clothes for a surprise getaway post-Christmas. he even went as far as to tell me that i needed to bring my passport…and then told me i didn’t…and kept going back and forth to throw me off. when it came to opening the gift, i didn’t know what to think. he had me fooled! however, i’ve been dying to stay at the colorful Saguaro Hotel for years and years to fulfill all my blogger dreams. we road tripped down from Vegas and i could hardly contain my excitement on the drive there!

i’ve never been to Palm Springs before and my first impression as we drove through was how much of a throwback it is to the 70s. next week i’ll share with you my Palm Springs Travel Guide, but all i can say is we can’t wait to go back!

The Saguaro Hotel was such a fun place to stay! we loved how colorful and vibrant every thing was. from the neon cactus signs in the lobby, to the hot pink walls everywhere you turn, to the cutest bikes you can rent, all the details are fun & lively. i mean, they greeted us with tropical Mike & Ikes {and beer for those that drink} upon arrival to our room! right from the get-go, you can tell that it’s a hotel that promotes a fun & casual atmosphere {it’s dog-friendly & we saw many families there}.

my very favorite part of the hotel was the pool area. it was the perfect backdrop for photos and since we weren’t there during peak summer time, it wasn’t crowded either! we spent most of our afternoons laying poolside, soaking up the sun and enjoying the heated pool & steamy jacuzzis while we read our books.

the hotel has one restaurant inside, El Jefe. we went our first night and highly recommend one meal there! the guac and tacos were amazing. everything is handmade & i’m still dreaming of the yummy tortillas. we didn’t get the big plate of nachos, but apparently they are the best item on the menu, per suggestions from my followers.

when checking-in, one piece of advice i would give is to request a specific color room! you don’t have to take what they give you if they have other rooms available. i requested pink & at the time of checking-in, one wasn’t ready. we decided to go with red to stay on brand with SRL for photos. however, as soon as we walked in, i knew that wasn’t going to work! although red is one of my favorites, it just wasn’t relaxing to me to have the walls painted bright red and orange. so i called the front desk and asked for a pink room instead! it wasn’t a problem at all and soon we were in a room with pink and blue decor, which was much more relaxing. just something to be aware of!

overall, i highly recommend coming to The Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs! you definitely are staying for the colorful ambiance and carefree atmosphere, as the rooms are simple. but, the bed was comfortable and i had enough closet space. we loved our time here and like i said, can’t wait to return to Palm Springs! stay tuned for my Travel Guide next week! i’ve linked all my outfits from the trip below, including swimwear. xx

ps: there’s also a Scottsdale location!

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thanks to The Saguaro Hotel for sponsoring my stay!