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1 Oct

Third Trimester Pregnancy Recap!

it’s October 1st and officially baby month!!! i’m now into my 38th week, so while i haven’t fully completed my pregnancy, i thought i’d share a 3rd trimester recap before things get really crazy around here {Baby Tripp’s due date is at the end of next week}! you can click over to read about my first trimester and second trimester, too!

third trimester is between weeks 28 and 40 {or months 7-9} and it’s definitely where the most amount of growth for baby has happened. my second trimester was a dream: i had so much energy and felt so good all the time! third trimester is where i’ve really felt my body slow down, especially since week 36 or so. your baby grows SO much at the end and i’ve just felt so heavy and uncomfortable. week 31 is when new, red stretch marks started to appear below my belly button and that’s when i could really tell that baby was putting on weight and growing like crazy! at first these new stretch marks made me panic a bit, but then i just realized it’s so very normal and to show myself more kindness and grace. i’m growing a little human inside of me! all and all, i’ve had an easy pregnancy, and i am so grateful for mine and Baby Tripp’s health.

during my third trimester we went on our Babymoon to Maui, celebrated Baby Tripp at my hometown baby shower in Las Vegas, shot our maternity photos at week 36, and nested like crazy to complete his nursery {reveal coming soon!}.

we had our week 38 doctor’s appointment today and baby is measuring two weeks ahead! our last ultrasound is tomorrow and i can’t get to get one more look at him before he arrives earth side. i’m dilated to a 1 and no longer anemic, as well. below i’ve rounded up your most asked third trimester questions and some of my favorite photos from the trimester! xx

has it been hard to sleep/breathe?
yes to both! sleep gets more uncomfortable the further along you are in pregnancy. it’s a combo of not being able to turn from side to side easily {it’s seriously insane how much effort goes into this, haha!}, always needing to go to the bathroom, and constantly running warm. as for breathing, Baby Tripp definitely has squished my lungs the larger he’s become!

how much weight have you gained?
as of my appointment this week, i’ve gained 30 lbs! my doctor wanted me to gain between 25-35 lbs, so i’m right on target for that. i feel good! i’m not worried about the weight and know it’s just part of the pregnancy process.

have first trimester symptoms returned?
just the exhaustion for me! that’s very normal as your body changes so much during the last trimester with all of baby’s growth.

what pregnancy symptoms have you not experienced?
heart burn, melasma, sciatica pain, a lot of swelling, itchy belly

have you had any Braxton Hicks?
yes! i don’t think i really realized what they were at first. for me, it’s been a tightening in the middle of my stomach.

what’s the most fun part of the third trimester?
feeling Baby Tripp move ALL the time! he has so much energy. also, robbie will put his hand on my tummy while we are cuddling and he will kick exactly where it is! it’s like he knows his dad so well already and it’s so sweet.

did you pass your glucose test?
yes! however, i did find out i was anemic during that blood test. i’ve been taking iron supplements, eatings lots of red meat, leafy greens, plain raisin bran, etc. i took a blood test yesterday to check on my iron and as of today i’m no longer anemic, so those things all helped!

how’s the nursery coming along?
it’s basically done! i just got the mobile, so that’s the last thing that needs to be hung. we are shooting the nursery this week! can’t wait to share!

are you feeling ready for baby?!
for the most part, yes! i don’t know if anyone is every 100% prepared to become parents, but we feel ready in the sense that his nursery is done, his bassinet is set up, our hospital bags are packed, i have freezer meals ready, and we’ve nested!

how are you feeling about labor? are you nervous?
i’m definitely an anxious person by nature, so i would say i’m most nervous about not knowing when it’ll happen. i’m a planner, so i would love to know an exact date, haha! i’m not being induced, so really it’ll just happen whenever Baby Tripp and my body are ready. i’ve mentioned that my doula is my SIL shannon. she currently lives in Hawaii {6 hour flight + 3 hour time difference} and has four kids… so figuring out when to fly her in hasn’t been easy, but her flights are booked and hopefully Baby Tripp will decide to come while she’s here!

did you wash all of baby’s clothes?
yes! at first i just washed sizes newborn to three months… and then yesterday i decided to throw everything else in the wash, too. i’ve been using this baby detergent!

have you packed your hospital bag?
yes… sort of! it’s all ready and sitting out, i just need to photograph everything for my hospital bag blog post before i actually put it into my bag! that blog post should go up later this week.

how have you kept the swelling down?
honestly, i really feel like swelling just depends on your body. i will say though that drinking a ton of water all day long has helped immensely. i fill up this 30 ounce tumbler probably 5-6 times a day. since i work from home, i am able to keep my feet up a lot too, so definitely get a little foot stand at work to do the same! i do feel lucky that i can still wear my wedding rings, too.

what was the most surprising thing about the third trimester?
how long the last few weeks have felt! i do feel like most of my pregnancy has flown by {especially since you don’t even know you’re pregnant until about four or more weeks in and then we didn’t announce until second trimester}, but the last few weeks have been hard. i don’t want to complain by any means, but it’s definitely just uncomfortable and i’ve felt a bit anxious.

is robbie getting you a push present?
yes! you can see it in this video! it’s really meaningful to me. i know this concept might seem silly to some, but my love language is gifts, so it works for us!

what are some names you won’t be using?
well… none haha. we pretty much only ever agreed on one boy name! we’ve had our girl names set for years, but for some reason boy names are sooo much harder. can’t wait to share!

do you feel Baby Tripp move a lot?
yes!!! all the time. he’s been head down since second trimester, so i can always feel his little bum on my right side and lots of leg/arm movements. he’s an active little guy, especially when i eat sugar.

do you love being pregnant?
yes! that’s not to say that it’s always been easy {nausea first trimester, uncomfortable during third}, but i feel so blessed to be able to carry this sweet babe and be his mama. it truly is the miracle of life and there’s nothing better than hearing his heartbeat or seeing him at an ultrasound. it’s the sweetest thing! i cry all the time just thinking about how much we love him already.