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13 Aug

Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

i officially don’t have any more flights this pregnancy and next week is our last trip {driving to Vegas for my baby shower}! that being said, i personally flew up to 30 weeks, and now i’m definitely happy to stay home until Baby Tripp comes. while you can fly up to 36 weeks or so {of course, talk to your doctor as i’m sure it’s case by case}, it starts to get pretty uncomfortable. i did quite a bit of flying in my first trimester and that was totally fine, but come second trimester it was a lot harder. in particular, we went to NYC in May and had a layover in Seattle and i thought the flight home was going to be the death of me. i wasn’t prepared!

so i wanted to share with all of you my best tips and tricks for traveling while pregnant! whether it’s a quick 1-2 hour flight or flying 5+ hours across the country, to Hawaii, international, etc. or driving to your destination these are the things that worked best for me.

compression socks
a must have! i didn’t start wearing these until the second half of my second trimester during travel and i wish i would have started earlier. they help with circulation and keeping the swelling down. even if you’re just on a road trip, wear them!

inflatable foot rest
this was a lifesaver on our long flight to Hawaii! now to be fair, this only works if you have the room to extend your feet {extra leg room seats, business class, first class, etc.}, but if you do pick one up! mine folds down really small and fit perfectly into my carry-on tote. it was quick and easy to blow up, and allowed me to have my legs elevated the entire flight!

an outfit without a waistband {like the one i’m wearing above!}
this is a personal preference, but once in the second trimester i preferred flying in a dress or jumpsuit. typically, i’d wear a long jumpsuit like the above photo that was a pull on/off style {no zipper or anything!}. comfy, soft, and i never had to deal with a waistband digging it or getting tight and uncomfortable. a few favorite jumpsuits below!

refillable water bottle
staying hydrated is sooo important while traveling, but especially while pregnant! bring your refillable bottle to use in the airport, on the plane, and when you get to your destination. i brought my Hydro Flask to Hawaii, but on shorter distance flights and road trips i bring my everyday tumbler {which i have in several colors} because i like drinking best with a straw {and feel like i drink more this way!}.

portable pregnancy pillow or wedge
honestly, sleeping comfortably just gets harder the further along in pregnancy you are, and sleeping in a bed that isn’t yours can prove to be difficult. while traveling, i always missed my big pregnancy pillow the most. i picked up a pregnancy wedge pillow that helped alleviate the pressure of side sleeping while traveling! it’s small enough to pack in a carry-on. of course, in most places i would also use five pillows surrounding my entire body to help me feel comfortable, but this one in particular helped a ton.

belly band
i just recently got this and it’s yet again another item i wish i would have gotten sooner! a belly band helps SO much with back support and it truly helps your belly feel less “heavy.” for me, this is more for walking around than sitting, so if you’re on your feet a lot while on your trip, be sure to snag one. i’m wearing the size large, but you should measure your belly to get the correct size!

snacks, snacks, snacks!
i’m someone who can get hangry easily, but pregnancy hanger is on a whole other level {just as Robbie, haha!}. be sure to pack healthy snacks while traveling! i personally would pack a few beef sticks, almond packets, rX bars, dried fruit, and a sweet treat to keep me going. just be sure to watch your salt intake, which can lead to more swelling!

elevate your legs/feet as much as possible
that’s my best advice! get your legs up as much as possible: while you’re waiting for your plane, in your Uber, lay down for a bit once you get to your hotel, etc. swelling is so real, but you can help yourself there!