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29 Dec

top 10 memories of 2018.

what a year it’s been! 2018 proved to be the most challenging year of my career, but also one of the most rewarding. funny how that works! there’s no growth and success without trial, error, and lessons learned. that being said, Robbie and i wouldn’t change a thing and are so grateful for our experiences. we are so thankful for all of you too! you’ve been the driving force behind every thing we do, and we couldn’t be more in love with this community we’ve built. we always acknowledge we wouldn’t have any of this without you so thank you for being here! it truly means the world.

today i’m keeping with tradition and sharing my top 10 memories of 2018! you can also read 2017, 2016, and 2015. it’s been an incredible year and the below highlights include memories i’ll cherish forever! thanks for reading, following, commenting, messaging, etc. have a great rest of the year and see you in 2019! xx

1. speaking at rStheCon

it was such an honor to be selected to speak on the brand panel at rewardStyle’s big annual Conference in Dallas! i shared the stage with two other incredible bloggers who also happen to be great friends: Jenn of Style Charade and Anh of 9 to 5 Chic! we spoke on the brand main stage, which means the room was filled with all the brands that attended the conference and were asked questions about working with influencers, how they can improve the success of their campaigns, what makes a good brand partner, etc. it was an incredible experience and i’m so thankful for my amazing rewardStyle fam. you can see my full blog post about the Conference here!

2. going to Mexico on the #LTKgetaway

in May, Robbie and i were personally invited by the team on the first ever #LTKgetaway this summer! we had SO much fun in Mexico and stayed at the fabulous Fairmont Mayakoba. we’d never been to Cancun or Tulum, and we loved running around and exploring with the other bloggers and the rS team. every single detail was so insane and perfectly branded by LTK. Robbie and i both made long-lasting friendships and some of these photos were my very fave from the entire year. more posts about the trip here, here, and here!

3. traveling to Provence with L’Occitane

this was one of the most dreamy trips i’ve ever taken! while Robbie and i have been to Paris, we’d never been to the French countryside and it did not disappoint. L’Occitane is a brand we both love and use daily, and it was so incredible to travel with them to see where it all started in Provence. from staying at the most beautiful chateau and frolicking through L’Occitane’s lavender field to taking a hot air ballon ride at sunrise and having lunch with L’Occitane’s founder Olivier Baussan himself, this trip was a pinch me moment this year. more posts from Provence here, here, and here.

4. walking the runway in Aerie’s first-ever Miami Swim Week show

from Provence we actually flew straight to Miami for Swim Week! i was asked to speak on a panel and then walk in Aerie’s first ever Swim Week Show {!!!!!}. the previous year was the first year i’d ever attended Swim Week, so to be asked to actually participate this year with a body positive, size-inclusive brand was truly a dream come true. i’ll never forget strutting down the same runway as my girl Iskra, rocking my curves in the latest Aerie suits! see more photos from the incredible experience here.

5. signing with my dream agency: DBA

over five years ago when we first started this blogging journey, i told Robbie that it was my dream to one day sign with Digital Brand Architects. in my opinion, they were the cream de le creme of blogger representation. every major fashion blogger at the top of the game seemed to be signed with DBA. well, this fall they reached out to me and we finally made that dream a reality! it’s already taken my business to the next level and i am SO honored to be signed with such a prestigious and legitimate management company. so thankful to be added to Kirstin’s body positive roster of incredible women. we have a ton of fun projects already in store for 2019, and i can’t wait to share them with you!

6. celebrating 5 years of SRL

in September we celebrated five years since we launched Sassy Red Lipstick! it feels like yesterday that i hit publish on my very first blog post in September 2013. Robbie took my first photos and i wore a leopard print dress with my only pair of red Valentino heels. not much has changed, haha! our brand has come a long way since then, and i’m so so proud of what we’ve built. from sharing my signature message of body positivity and curvy fashion to relationship tips and travel reviews to lifestyle and home decor, SRL has really expanded over the years and it’s been so fun to have our brand grow alongside us. in our 5th anniversary post, robbie and i shared five things we learned along our journey here.

7. being featured in the “Stories From the Influencers Next Door” book and speaking on the book tour

i never thought i would be in a coffee table book! but here we are and it’s still pretty crazy to me. there’s about 100 of us bloggers/influencers in the LTK book from all around the world {you can purchase here and find me on page 16!!!}, and we each tell our story. it’s such an inspiring book {not to mention extremely aesthetically pleasing}, and i loved reading all the tidbits about my fellow bloggers. not only was i featured in the book, i also spoke on the book tour when LTK came to San Francisco! it was such a cool experience answering questions live on a panel and meeting so many followers in the Bay Area. one follower drove round trip four hours to make it, and it seriously made me tear up. thanks so much for all your love and support with this incredible experience!

8. making memories in Hawaii for Robbie’s birthday

this was one of the most fun trips we’ve ever taken! it was our first time on Maui and we went with our brother and sister-in-law! we celebrated robbie’s 28th birthday and made incredible memories with our family. our Alaska Air fam sponsored our trip and it was so nice to snap beautiful pictures at our leisure and just relax and explore. we ate a ton of amazing food, zoomed around all over the island, and shopped til we dropped {literally}. you can see our Maui Travel Guide, watch our vlog, and shop all my swimsuits from the trip. if you’re interested, you can also watch our luxury Louis Vuitton unboxing from Maui here!

9. moving to Arizona and building our first home

in July we announced we were moving to Arizona, and in a follow-up blog post we explained the reasons why. essentially, we felt we had outgrown the chaos of city life and wanted to spread out, slow down a bit, and expand our business! Robbie and i are ready to start a family, and we are also looking to hire employees for our brand too. as much as we’ve loved San Francisco, we felt we’d accomplished all we’d set out to do in the city and we wanted a change of pace {with an extra dose of sunshine!}. we last showed you an update on our home build in this vlog! as of now, our home is completely framed and we walked through it the other day. it’s so surreal and we truly feel so blessed to finally own a space we can call home. until it’s finished, we are renting a home in Scottsdale and loving it!

10. buying myself my dream car

when i was 15, i’d spend hours on eBay looking for the perfect used Lexus RX350 and trying to convince my dad to buy it for me, haha! my grandpa had an RX350 in a pretty light blue color and i just loved it. it was my dream car… and over 10 years later i’m really proud to have purchased it with my own hard earned money. the sassy red interior was the selling point for me on top of all the other features i already loved! just goes to show that hard work and perseverance pays off, and you really can make your dreams come true if you work and save hard enough. true happiness doesn’t come from material things, but it’s really satisfying to work toward a goal and earn it!

a few career accomplishments:

being featured with Robbie in Forbes
taking a stand against Victoria’s Secret with this post and only supporting brands who support me
being an Ambassador for European Wax for the last six months
launching my YouTube channel and creating a bunch of fun vlogs
being featured in Shape and Glamour with Iskra after writing this post