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16 Sep

top 5 fall trends i saw at NYFW

New York Fashion Week is always a blur, and this season was no different! i went into it with a much more intentional mindset {going to shows/events i actually cared about and not just going to any little thing i got invited to}, but man it still wiped me out! i’m fully recovered now {haha} and ready to share with you some NYFW posts!

instead of just showing you or telling you what i did {i will recap a few things in posts later this week, like being dressed for and attending the Siriano show!}, i thought i’d share with you trends i saw at NYFW for fall right now. most of the shows were for spring 2019, but i know you all are concerned about what’s happening NOW, as am i. so without further adieu…

1. animal print… cheetah, leopard, zebra, you name it

this is a trend i can definitely get behind! i’ve always loved leopard print and considered it more of a neutral in my wardrobe. i can’t stop wearing this skirt {seen here and here}. t’s going to be everywhere this fall {and already is!}, even in colorful versions.

2. western boots

my bestie Tamryn was all over this trend before we even went out to NYFW, but WHOA almost every big blogger was wearing at least once pair during the week {and @aimeesong wore them every single day}. but, please consider calling them western boots {not cowboy boots} because FASHUN. side note: i wore Frye boots with pink bedazzeled crystals all through high school, so maybe i can get back into the trend.

3. belt bags

i still haven’t bought a belt bag, but i’ve been on the hunt for a vintage Chanel one for ages. the trend is still going strong, and honestly i’m here for it. i prefer small bags anyways these days, so why not own one that makes me completely hands {and shoulder!} free. if i can’t find said Chanel bag, this one is next on my list.

4. suiting… structured, relaxed, blazers over dresses, etc. 

i have always loved a good matching set {here, here, here, and here}! but wowza, i feel like everyone was suiting and looked amazing! from plaid suits to oversized blazers over dresses/skirts to more fitted suits, it was a LEWK during NYFW.

5. bold sneakers {aka, dad sneakers}

i think it’s okay to not like every trend… and i just can’t quite get into dad sneakers. i feel like they are for cool girls, and i just can’t really pull it off. maybe it’s because my style is so feminine, but i’ll take a stiletto over sneakers most days {even though i do love my converse, nikes, chanel sneakers, etc}. but, definitely a note-worthy trend to mention if you’re into it! i think a lot of gals’ feetsies were much more comfy than mine during NYFW in these.

sequin top
leopard print skirt {i’m wearing the size 14}
Chanel pearl mules
Chanel vanity bag
tassel earrings
rose gold Michele watch c|o Michele
Ruby Woo lipstick
Le Specs cateye sunglasses

photos by Laurel Creative