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13 Jun

the top five most instagrammable spots in London.

i promise my full London Travel Guide is coming soon, but for now i want to share with you the top five most instagrammable spots in London! robbie and i spent a good chunk of our time neighborhood hopping to find the best & cutest photo opps. i couldn’t get enough of all of the fun colorful homes {definitely reminded me of SF!} and of course we couldn’t resist the most iconic spots as well. keep scrolling to see exactly where you need to go for the best grams while traveling through London!

1. the iconic two-in-one: Big Ben + telephone booth

first up is the most iconic in my opinion: Big Ben with a red London phone booth. we took the Tube to the Westminster station and as you walk up the stairs, Big Ben is the first thing you see. it’s magical! turn right outside of the station and walk down a few blocks so that you can find a phone booth that isn’t completely swarmed with tourists. it’s the perfect photo opp and even though these are iPhone photos, they are some of my favorite from our trip. i obviously coordinated my outfit, haha!


2. pink on pink in Notting Hill

next, this pink on pink home has been on my Pinterest list to visit for years. it’s in Notting Hill, which is the cutest neighborhood and the area we went to stay in next time we are in London. the exact address is Lonsdale Road, Notting Hill, W11. be sure to visit the famous Portobello Road too which is just a few streets over! how fun are the lion door knockers!?


3. sketch: all pink everything

you’ll probably notice a trend that my favorite spots in London are pretty much all pink. sketch is a fine dining restaurant {you can also go for afternoon tea!} that has so many decor goals. be sure to book your reservations months in advance because it is quite the trendy spot! the pink room is the Gallery room and i highly recommend going for an early dinner. we were able to take all the photos we wanted because it was pretty much empty when we arrived. i’ve heard the afternoon tea here is also amazing, but it was already booked when i went to make reservations two months in advance! the bathrooms are these futuristic pods and it’s such a fun {and strange} photo opp too. sketch is located in Mayfair, which is one of the most affluent areas in London’s West End. it’s close to Hyde Park and has lots of great shopping nearby!


4. colorful Chelsea

another Pinterest spot i checked off my own list was these pink and purple homes located in Chelsea on a super cute residential street. the exact address is 20 Bywater Street, Chelsea, London. Chelsea is such a quaint and classy neighborhood; we even saw little girls in the cutest school uniforms {exactly like Madeline, who remembers those children’s books?!} walking home with their mums.


5. the classic Tower Bridge

last but not least, i had to include the classic Tower Bridge! this is one of London’s most famous bridges and an iconic landmark. we did go to the exhibition at the top of the bridge with our London Pass {highly recommend if you’re wanting to see a lot of tourist sites! more about this in my London Travel Guide coming soon}. the best part was the glass floor where you felt like you were walking on air above the Thames River. the view of the city skyline up there is fantastic as well. this is the famous bridge that opens up to let boats & ships pass through and has since 1894. this photo was taken from the Tower of London side of the river!