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18 Nov

top four travel tips for the holidays.

tfox2942since moving away for college in 2010, i’ve always done some sort of traveling for the holidays. fast forward to now, where both mine and robbie’s families are out of state and we have to brave the airport madness to see our families during the busy travel season! last year we went to Boston for Thanksgiving with my parents where my brother and sister-in-law were living {they are now in Miami for med school}. this year, we are traveling for both holidays, so i thought i’d share my top travel tips!

comfort is key
i don’t mean dressing like you just rolled out of bed either {don’t be that person}. the outfit in today’s post is easily something i would wear on a plane {or long car ride}, yet it still looks put-together. my black trousers from Amour Vert are cotton/spandex and so comfy! joggers or leggings work well, too. i don’t mind traveling in jeans, but if they are too tight, they are just not comfortable for long periods of time. i’m also a huge fan of wearing a knit or cotton tee when traveling, something that’s ‘breathable,’ plus an added layer such as a cardigan or light jacket. even a blanket scarf works, as it doubles as an actual blanket since most planes are so cold! i like wearing shoes that slide on and off easily for getting through security {although heaven bless TSA Pre-check these days!} and then bringing a pair of fuzzy socks in my carryon if the plane is freezing to slip on during the flight. there’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable when traveling, except maybe a severely delayed flight. all in all, putting together a casual chic look can be just as painless as throwing on yoga pants and a t-shirt for a long travel day. as i always say, when you look good, you feel good.

pack strategically
i used to be the worst over-packer because i wanted options. now that i’m older, i pack by outfits and it’s so much easier. this includes shoes, layers, and any accessories like a scarf that matches these chosen outfits. if you’re traveling far for the holidays, especially since most airlines charge for luggage these days, it’s important to pack exactly what you need and nothing more. plus, you’ll be bringing layers to keep warm and those take up a lot of room. if you’re bringing a heavy coat, wear it on the plane to save room in your luggage for those trendy boots you really wanted to wear with a certain look. make sure the coat is a neutral color so it can go with all your outfits!

i’ve also gotten really good at packing my carry-on. i fill it with valuable items i don’t want to potentially lose if something happens to my checked luggage. this could include a designer bag in its dust bag, my jewelry, and even some makeup. robbie usually carries my laptop in his backpack, but when i travel without him i put that in my carry-on too. i used to hate carrying my handbag and a carryon, but i see too much value in using a carry-on now!

leave extra room… hello Black Friday shopping!
if you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, leave a bit of space! last year when we went to Boston, i found my dream calf hair booties from Stuart Weitzman during an unplanned Black Friday stop at Nordstrom Rack. i couldn’t bear to leave the box they came in behind even though it took up so much room, so i ended up carrying it on. now i realize i should have left some space for unplanned purchases. this definitely applies to the Christmas season as well when traveling with gifts. i know some people take an extra luggage piece to travel with their gifts, but if that’s not doable, you’re going to have to pack very strategically so you’ll have room for your new goodies!

be on time… and bring snacks for delays
the holiday season is definitely not the time to leave your home an hour before your plane takes off. check-in and security lines are so much longer {and crazy!}, so you’ll want to leave ample time to get to your gate. flights may be delayed, too, so be prepared with snacks! we try and pack healthy snacks when traveling {cut up apples, dried fruit, Kind bars, etc}, and it’s always cheaper to buy your snacks before you get to the airport. okayyyy, i usually sneak in my favorite sour candy too. ;]

hope these help! we are headed to Utah on Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving with the Tripp side! we can’t wait to see our family, and it snowed for the first time this season yesterday. i’m secretly really excited because the first snow is always magical, especially during the holidays. although robbie has reminded me that one of the reasons we live in California now is because we both *hate* the snow {haha}, but it’s magical when you don’t have to deal with it on a daily basis, right?! {also, can’t wait to get some Cafe Rio.} have the best weekend! xxtfox2864 tfox2913 tfox2966 tfox2912 tfox2937 tfox2968 tfox2870 tfox2902 tfox2927 tfox2868 tfox2899 tfox2939burgundy tie front top c|o Amour Vert
black trousers c|o Amour Vert
black bow slides {also here}
embellished choker
Ray-Ban round sunglasses
Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandouliere
Caramello liquid lipstick

photos by Torrey Fox