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1 Mar

top four winter essentials for NYFW.

i realize i’m not actually wearing yellow, but the NYC taxis count for the third primary color in this outfit, don’t they?! this is one of the looks i brought with me to NYFW, and although it’s almost spring, in today’s post i wanted to share with you my top four winter essentials. these are items i brought with me to keep warm and still look fab at Fashion Week, but you can wear these items all winter long!

a fun, yet warm, coat
i brought several fun coats with me to NYFW {see here, here, and here}, but i first & foremost made sure they were warm. with temps dipping into the 20s {and the huge snowstorm that almost prevented me from coming}, it was really important that my clothes were actually warm. i don’t mind sacrificing warmth for photoshoots, but since i was wearing these clothes all day long, they had to be functional, as well as fashionable.

thermal tights/wool socks
i wore thermal tights under my jean, skirts, and dresses! they were just the thin, warm layer i needed to keep the chill away. the wool socks were another great addition, and sometimes i even wore two. these thermal socks were too thick to take, but robbie has been wearing them around our home lately and absolutely loves them!

moisturizing face masks
this item isn’t something i wore to look fabulous, but it definitely helped me feel fabulous! there’s nothing worse than having dry sky from traveling and harsh winter weather, so i brought these face masks with me to help keep my skin moisturized and looking bright. i also love these collagen eye masks for helping reduce puffiness.

leather/suede shoe spray
winter weather can be super hard on leather and suede shoes! when i lived in Utah, i wasn’t great about protecting my shoes. but since i was bringing quite a few pairs of designer shoes with me to NYFW, i knew i needed to take extra precautions. sadly, salt is really bad for leather soles, but at least i could protect most of my shoes. i brought this protector spray with me and treated all of my shoes. it worked well and i’m happy not a single pair was ruined!
cobalt blue coat
striped tan sweater c|o Amour Vert
red pants
blue velvet booties {on sale!}
red Chanel Jumbo bag
tassel earrings
Karen Walker sunglasses
Ruby Woo lipstick

photos by Laurel Creative