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12 Mar

top trends for spring

last fall, i shared a similar post and had so much fun compiling my favorite trends for the new season. today, i’m doing the same below! spring is one of my very favorite times of the year, and i’m so excited to shop the latest styles. with the official date of spring in just about a week away, i’m helping you prep for the new season! enjoy! xx

when you think of crochet, do you think of Britney circa early 2000s?! no fear, it’s back in a totally different and refreshing way for spring! from bathing suits to details on dresses, you’ll be seeing this trend a ton for the warmer months {and of course, perfect for festival season}.

i definitely was not expecting this trend for spring, but it was ALL over the runway last fall {for spring collections}! it’s fun and unexpected and i can totally hop on board! i especially love it for bathing suits and workout looks.

hair accessories: handbands + clips
this is such a fun trend for me because i recently cut my hair short and it’s an easy way to spruce up my look. but even if you have long hair {like my hair here}, adding a headband or fun clips is the perfect accessory! you will see this everywhere this season. best part? you can literally snag so many cute ones for under $10. the trend for hair clips is wearing them close to the hairline by your face! the custom ‘sarah’ barrette i have above is from nolabel.est

mini unique shaped handbags
mini bags have been all the rage, and lately we are seeing them in fun and unique shapes! while maybe not totally functional, for me i’ve just really cut down on what i carry {card case, keys, lipstick, mints, sunglasses}. i just purchased this bag purchased for spring!

puff shoulders
we’ve been seeing more and more shoulder pads {bringing back the 90s!} in power suits and structured dresses, but come spring we’ll see feminine puff sleeves on jumpsuits, blouses, and dresses too! it’s a fun, girly detail and i really love when it’s done in eyelet or crochet. this pink dress is in my shopping cart!

okay okay okay, you all know i’m obsessed with lilac. it was Pantone’s Color of the Year last year, BUT it’s still huge this year. it was all over the runway in September AND February, so i’ll continue to be obsessed with it this year. anddd i may or may not have finally found my unicorn Chanel lilac bag. it should arrive this week, can’t wait to show you! in the meantime, shop my favorite lilac items below.

i’ve never really been a fan of tie-dye… takes me back to middle school field days, haha! however, i have seen some really tasteful pieces this spring, so it’ll be interesting to see where this trend goes!