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6 Feb

how to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day.

continuing on with the month of love, i wanted to share a few ways to treat yourself for February 14th. it’s not just for lovers, but also celebrating friendships, family relationships, and most importantly, yourself! i think most of us women are on the go, go, go and rarely stop to truly spend time on and care for ourselves. although i highly recommend doing things for yourself more often, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to start. self care & self love are so important! here are my top ways to treat yourself:

1. take a relaxing bath
create your own little spa day! fill that tub up with warm water and bubbles, apply a mask, leave your phone in the other room, and start a new book. bonus points for bringing in your favorite treat or drink!

2. pick up flowers
i loveeee flowers! but ironically enough, robbie doesn’t really buy them for me often because he says he prefers to buy me gifts that last and don’t wither away in a week haha. i’m 100% okay with that! i pick up flowers all the time because they put a smile on my face and brighten my kitchen. you don’t need a significant other to do this for you, trust me! stop by your local Trader Joe’s and snag your favorite bouquet.

3. make your favorite treat
i’m a total sweet tooth girl and treats are the way to my heart {okay, and handbags}. there’s nothing quite like whipping up brownies or cookie dough {my personal fave} to put me in the best mood! this one is a literal treat yourself!

4. block out time to do something you love
do you need a mani? do you love going on long runs but never have the time? how about finally grabbing lunch with your best gal pals? self care is all about doing what makes you happy. don’t forget to schedule out the important things in life that will bring you joy. make one of these a priority in your schedule and then don’t budge. treat these “me” appointments as sacred time!

5. splurge on an item
do you have your eye on something? have you been saving? or maybe it’s time to be a little impulsive! buy yourself something nice that makes you feel and/or look good. doesn’t have to be big! sometimes buying something new and shiny is the perfect pick me up.

lip print tee
pink pinstripe blazer {also here & here}
high waisted jeans
pink Gucci belt
pink crystal earrings
raspberry suede Louboutins c|o High End Market
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photos by Samantha Looney