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6 Dec


HaleyNordPhotography (15 of 75)today i am one year older {& hopefully wiser, too}! almost a quarter of a century down and life couldn’t be any better. i’m pursuing my dreams, living in a beautiful place, loving my husband more than ever, & surrounded by amazingly supportive friends and family. this past year has been one for the books & i want to thank anyone who contributed to it.

hot pink was a must for my birthday post, of course {and my birthday shoes from Robbie, courtesy of another fab Nordstrom Rack find!}, with dainty jewelry from The Peach Box. lately, all my go-to jewelry is a lot smaller than the chunky statement pieces i used to wear daily. this bangle and these earrings are the perfect feminine touches to any outfit, and i’ll be re-wearing them with upcoming holiday pieces as well.

so, in order to celebrate turning the big 2-4, i wanted to do something a little different here on my blog for my readers. throughout this post are twenty-four fun facts about me, ranging from when i was little until today! most of them are pretty funny & i hope this is just an entertaining little peek into more about who i am. thanks so much for reading! off to eat CAKE. bring on twenty-four! xxHaleyNordPhotography (7 of 75)1. my parents originally named me Amelia Paige. they ended up changing it before they left the hospital because they just felt like i was more of a Sarah. my grandmother had already engraved Amelia into a silver hair brush. whoops! HaleyNordPhotography (18 of 75)2. when i was five years old, i broke my wrist {long story short, i was riding underneath our above-ground trampoline on a toy tractor and my older brother was jumping… i still blame him}. i got a hot pink cast, of course. HaleyNordPhotography (1 of 75)3. i was baptized on the first day of the new millennium: january 1, 2000. HaleyNordPhotography (21 of 75)4. to this day i know every word to ‘baby got back’ by sir mix-a-lot. my friends and i memorized it on a road trip in middle school. gooooood memories. HaleyNordPhotography (4 of 75)5. when i was young, i grew up wanting to be a marine biologist {so i could train dolphins, of course}. i would print off pages and pages of facts about dolphins and then put them in an ocean-blue folder where i would store all my dolphin information. HaleyNordPhotography (10 of 75)6. i’ve been inside an Egyptian pyramid. well, partially. i was ten years old and had a serious claustrophobia moment so i only got halfway in before i started panicking and turned around. HaleyNordPhotography (13 of 75)7. i had a brief time period in elementary school when my favorite color was blue and i would only play with the boys at recess. #identitycrisis
HaleyNordPhotography (11 of 75)8. when i was ready to get braces, the orthodontist found that my mouth was too small so i had to get permanent teeth pulled and then get an expander before the braces were put on. four years and perfect teeth later, my braces were taken off and the orthodontist shaved my teeth to be exactly even. people still ask me to this day how my teeth are so even.
HaleyNordPhotography (8 of 75)9. when i was younger, i would not allow my mom to put up christmas decorations until my birthday had passed. i love christmas but i was not about to have my special day be overshadowed! that phase has long since passed and we usually put up decorations before Thanksgiving now.
HaleyNordPhotography (5 of 75)10. my first kiss took place at… wait for it… the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. … to a Jewish kid in my grade. we were on a school field trip in 7th grade. romantic, i know. my family still makes fun of me for that situation.
HaleyNordPhotography (22 of 75)11. i was the queen of A.R. {Accelerated Reading} points in elementary and middle school. i always received the award for reading the most books. my favorites were the Treehouse Club books and Series of Unfortunate Events. and of course the Harry Potter books were where the real money was at.
HaleyNordPhotography (2 of 75)12. i tried out to be a cheerleader my sophomore year of high school. i got cut because i didn’t have any tumbling experience. i was sad at the time but today i just laugh looking back at that whole situation. previously i played volleyball, so it was really stepping out of my comfort zone to even try out.
HaleyNordPhotography (9 of 75)13. i was president of my high school’s National Honors Society. i also did student government for all four years of high school. #resumebuilder HaleyNordPhotography (3 of 75)14. my most embarrassing moment in high school was when i was doing morning announcements over the intercom to the entire school and while giving information about an upcoming band performance, i mispronounced the word ‘bass’ {like the instrument} and said bass {like the fish}. my good friend and i instantly started dying laughing and she eventually had to finish the announcements because i was laughing so hard. HaleyNordPhotography (6 of 75)15. before i studied advertising, i actually entered college my freshman year wanting to be a nurse. i took nursing classes my first two semesters and then quickly realized i hated it {and almost failed chemistry}. s/o to all you nurses out there, it’s hard work!HaleyNordPhotography (12 of 75)16. robbie he told me he loved me just six days after meeting me in person. most people are shocked by that but he’s not ashamed to admit it at all. obviously it worked out for both of us.HaleyNordPhotography (27 of 75)17. i’ve fallen down stairs more times in my life than i’d like to admit. each time, it is as funny as it is painful. i wouldn’t call myself a clumsy person, but for some reason, stairs are not my friend. same goes with icy sidewalks. HaleyNordPhotography (19 of 75)18. basketball is my favorite sport to watch. my family has had season tickets for the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels as long as i can remember. i always enjoyed going to those games with my dad. now i enjoy watching basketball with my husband {praises to him that that’s the only sport he likes to watch on TV}! HaleyNordPhotography (24 of 75)19. i own a pair of bejeweled Frye cowgirl boots that i used to wear all the time in high school. {robbie is still shocked that i wore them, much less own them.} i used to be super into all things country. HaleyNordPhotography (16 of 75)20. i know how to say a few things in Arabic from my study abroad in Israel. i learned how to count to ten and can say hello and welcome. also, my Arabic teacher wanted me to marry his son. so there’s that. HaleyNordPhotography (20 of 75)21. i first started working at Nordstrom at the tender age of 15, as an intern. i then worked there all throughout high school and can’t really remember bringing home a paycheck. they may as well have paid me in Nordy Notes because it all just went toward my wardrobe. i’ve worked on and off for the company since high school!  HaleyNordPhotography (23 of 75)22. my favorite movie ever is Legally Blonde. no surprises there. but you may be surprised to know that the runner up is Casino Royale. i am big fan of all the 007 movies and i have always loved action movies in general. HaleyNordPhotography (25 of 75)23. i’m told i cook a mean meatloaf. robbie literally asks for it once a week, no exaggeration. it’s gotten to the point where i never want to eat it again and i refuse to cook it too often because it’s all he asks for. whenever we go out to eat and the place offers meatloaf, robbie orders it and then quickly tells me that it’s not as good as mine. we all have our talents in life! HaleyNordPhotography (17 of 75)24. when the podcast Serial came out, Robbie and i were absolutely enthralled by it and listened every week as we laid in bed together at night. who remembers the MailChimp ad that played at the beginning of every episode? well, there’s a little foreign girl who tries to say MailChimp, but instead pronounces it ‘mail shimp.’ i just started saying it to be funny and then Robbie thought it was so cute, so we quickly started using it as a term of endearment for each other. it’s now our go-to pet name haha!HaleyNordPhotography (26 of 75)dress: Tahari {similar}
jacket: Kate Spade
heels: Valentino
bag: Rebecca Minkoff
bangle c/o: The Peach Box
earrings c/o: The Beach Box

MUA: Simply Mindy

photos by Haley Nord