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7 Feb

Valentine gift guide for her & him.

i wanted to pop in today and share with you a few gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for him & her! the best part about gift giving is the effort and thought you put into it, but it’s always fun to give something themed for a holiday like Valentine’s Day. i have two categories for him & her: under $50 and under $100! plus, i finally found my lip print pajamas fully stocked {!!!!}, so be sure to check those out below, too.

i thought it would be fun to share with you something i have my eye on for Valentine’s Day! a few months ago i asked Robbie for a pair of diamond earrings and have dropped a few hints since. last spring, my only pair of diamond studs were stolen out of a hotel room. sure, i should have had them locked in the safe, but it was still really disappointing since i was staying at a five-star hotel in Dallas. the saddest part was that the earrings were my mom’s first pair of diamond earrings that her parents {both of whom have passed now} gave to her. she then passed them down to me a handful of years ago as my first pair, too. needless to say, i cried many tears over that incident for the sentimental loss. although i wear many statement earrings for fun events or blog photos, on a normal day i always had those earrings in. i guess this is me dropping another hint for Robbie, haha!

how cute is this eye mask!? i loveeee the slip silk pillowcases, so when i saw the lip print version, i knew i had to snag it! silk pillowcases are so so good for your hair and skin. i highly recommend splurging on one! treat yourself this Valentine’s Day ;]

below are my gift ideas for February 14th! xx

gifts for her: under $50

gifts for her: under $100

gifts for him: under $50

gifts for him: under $100

lip print pajama top
lip print pajama bottoms
slip kiss print silk eye mask {pink version here}
slip kiss print silk pillow case {pink version here}
Patrick Woo lipstick

photos by Shannon Righetti