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20 Jan

Valentine’s date ideas!

Valentine’s Day is one of my very favorite holidays! even when i was single, i loved it. okay, it’s probably just because of my love for pinks and reds in decor and clothing… and the fact that the gifts usually revolve around chocolate haha! but there’s just something about celebrating love {of all kinds!} that makes me happy. on this gram last week, i asked all of you what kind of V-day content you want to see. the overwhelming majority said date night ideas. specifically, a lot of you gals wanted to know how to celebrate if you’re single! so in this post, i’m rounding up date night ideas with your SO, your gal pals, and even yourself. {stay tuned for my also highly-requested casual date night outfits blog post coming soon!}.

to me, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, and that doesn’t have to mean romantic love! of course it can be the person you’re in a relationship with but it cal also be your friends, your siblings, your parents… and yourself! when i was single, i’d get together with my girlfriends after school or work, and we’d go to our favorite restaurant and then go see whatever cheesy love movie always releases on Feb. 14. we’d buy lots of treats {of course} and it was always a fun girls night. in high school, we once “heart-attacked” a friend’s yard/front door: we wrote little notes on cut-out hearts, decorated her door, rang the door bell and ran. it was a fun way to show someone we cared.

since being married, robbie and i like to make reservations somewhere fancy and dress up for the evening. we spend the meal talking about our relationship and dreaming about our future together. afterward, we head home to cuddle up and robbie usually surprises me with some pretty lingerie. last year, he surprised me with these and i still wear them every day. such a special memory.

i think it’s important to note that Valentine’s Day is not about how much you spend on someone {flowers, jewelry, fancy dinner, etc}, it’s about showing those you love most how much you care. that being said, all of the below date ideas are budget-friendly and revolve much more around spending time together.

but hey robbie, if you’re reading this, i’d still like some yummy chocolates, please!

keep scrolling for some fun date ideas! xx

Valentine date ideas with your significant other:

-make reservations at your favorite restaurant, doesn’t have to be fancy!
-cook dinner together at home {include candles!!!} and watch a cute romcom
-prepare a picnic and head to your local park for a sunset dinner
-go out to see a movie and grab dessert after
-take a cooking class together
-attend a local concert or jazz club
-order something sexy to wear and surprise your partner!

Valentine date ideas with your gal pals:

-go get manis/pedis together
-go shopping and then get dessert
-go see the cheesy Valentine movie in theaters
-do a Gossip Girl marathon at home and make brownies
-do a workout class together
-dress up and do a self-timer photoshoot together
{Target dollar section always has the most fun V-day props!}
-make and decorate sugar cookies

Valentine date ideas by yourself:

-go get a massage/facial
-turn off your phone and cozy up in bed to read a good book
-go buy yourself a cute outfit
-make your favorite treat and enjoy!
-watch your favorite movie
-do some self-care: mask, wax, paint your nails, etc
-call/FaceTime someone you love {parent, sibling, friend, etc.}