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14 Feb

valentine’s day with Audi.

happy valentine’s day! i’ve always been such a big fan of lover’s day because i just love love! luckily, robbie is just as much of a hopeless romantic as i am, so we always make a big deal out of v-day. i made reservations at the one and only Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse here in San Francisco and we will be exchanging thoughtful gifts we’ve been sneakily planning for the last few weeks. valentine’s day actually ended up being perfect timing after New York Fashion Week this year because i haven’t seen my husband in five days, so it will be an extra sweet reunion. you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. can’t wait to get back to San Francisco and have a romantic evening with my favorite guy.

you all know robbie and i love to do styled shoots together and valentine’s day is always the perfect opportunity for us to get dressed up and cozy up to each other on camera. {see last year’s shoot here.} i’ve been especially excited to post this year’s photos because i had the opportunity to collab with Audi and their brand new Audi On Demand service here in San Francisco! their premium car rental service provides customers with any vehicle of their choice, hand-delivered, with as little as two hours notice anywhere in the City. i downloaded the app, decided on the sleek and sexy Audi RS7, and was delivered the keys in no time. robbie and i had a blast driving in luxury all weekend and when we were done, i made a quick call and someone showed up at my doorstep to pick up the keys. easy as that! it is the perfect little surprise for a date night or weekend getaway, especially for Valentine’s Day! check out more here.

last, to kick off this holiday celebrating love, i figured it would be the perfect day to feature a little guest post with robbie. he told me he wanted to write five things he loves about me and share them with you all. what a guy! so thankful for a husband who makes me feel so special and loved all day, every day. i love being his Mrs. Tripp!

hope you all have the most romantic day/evening with your loved one! xx


from the desk of Robbie Tripp:

It was nearly impossible for me to choose only five things I love about the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and even more difficult to put them into words. Luckily, words are my career and I am up to the challenge. I managed to narrow down just a few things I love about Sarah and why she makes me the happiest man alive.

1. Her smile

Sarah’s smile was the first thing that attracted me to her, so that will always be number one for me. The beauty of her smile goes far beyond the fact that she has Colgate-worthy teeth that are straight and white. There’s just a natural beauty and joy that emanates from her whenever she smiles. I couldn’t get enough off of it when I first met her and I still can’t. As many of you have probably noticed if you follow me on Instagram, I always refer to Sarah as my doll face. I swear her photogenic features were crafted out of porcelain. I’ve always had lots of goals and ambitions, but keeping a smile on Sarah’s pretty face will always be my number one priority.
(keep scrolling for more)

2. Her style
This is an obvious one but I’ve always just been so attracted to how Sarah puts herself together. Before I ever met Sarah in person, we followed each other on social media, so I knew who she was but had never met her. I remember one time Sarah’s name came up in conversation while talking with a mutual friend from Vegas who went to college with Sarah. She said, “Sarah is the type of girl who is always so done up. Like, whenever I see her on campus she is always in a dress or wearing lipstick. I don’t even think she owns a pair of sweatpants.” Even at the time I remember thinking how attractive that was. Now, she’s my wife and I love having a beautiful lady on my arm who takes pride in her appearance and is just a stunner whenever she goes out. (However, I can also attest to the fact that Sarah owns lots of “cozy clothes,” as she likes to call them, and they are her favorite thing to wear when she doesn’t have to attend an event or do a photo shoot. Fun fact: she looks just as pretty dressed down as well.)
3. Her curves
I could write novels about how much I love Sarah’s body. (Read my full guest post about my love for Sarah’s body here.) I’ve been a curves guy my entire life. My high school friends never understood why I liked thicker girls and I don’t know why that’s always been my preference either, all I know is that Sarah was built just for me. Four years into our relationship, Sarah Tripp still turns me on like nothing else. One of my favorite things is when Sarah orders a bunch of swimsuits to try on before we go on a trip and I get to sit back and watch her try on the suits in the mirror. It’s my favorite show on earth. Same with when we are shopping together and I get to sit in the dressing room with her. There’s something extremely sexy about a curvy girl who knows what she’s working with and isn’t afraid to rock it. I have told Sarah countless times since we’ve been married that she is the living embodiment of those beautiful 16th century Rubenesque paintings featuring soft, voluptuous, and sensuous women. To me, Sarah’s body is quite literally art.
(I mean, just look at the photo above. That’s a female silhouette that dreams are made of.)

4. Her laugh
Nothing makes me more happy than a good hearty Sarah laugh. She has the cutest laugh and it’s so rich and heartfelt that it just makes me smile. I feel lucky to be the person that makes her laugh often, but it’s my favorite when something else makes her laugh and I get to just sit and enjoy it. On a similar note, nobody other than me truly knows how funny and goofy Sarah can be. She is hilarious. From singing wrong lyrics to impromptu naked dance moves, Sarah’s full silly side seems to be reserved for when we are home alone but I’m totally okay with that because I’m the one who gets to enjoy it most. She’s just a fun girl to have around and I love that I get to hang out with her every day.

5. Her sweetness
Anyone who has ever met Sarah knows that she is just a sweetheart. She’s super easy to get along with and is just a kind, thoughtful person. In fact, I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard other people tell her, “I think it’s funny how your brand is Sassy Red Lipstick because you’re not sassy at all, you’re so sweet!” (Now, let me be clear, those people say this because they haven’t seen Sarah’s sassy side and I can assure you that I am 100% qualified to say that it is just as fiercely prevalent, it just only comes out in certain situations.) She makes friends quickly and she’s a tender-hearted girl who just wants to love and be loved. I consider it an honor to be tasked with the duty of loving and protecting such a soft, sweet wife. She is everything in the world to me and I make sure to tell her that every day. Sweet or sassy, silly or sincere, I always feel blessed that I found my soul mate in Sarah Tripp.

With love and admiration,

– Robbie Tripp

red lace dress
calf hair Louboutins
crystal earrings
Ruby Woo lipstick

robbie’s heart button-up & blush velvet blazer {matching bowtie}


photos by Julia O Test