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9 Oct

What I’m Packing in My Hospital Bag

As a first time mom and type A planner, I did a lot of research about what to pack in my hospital bag. I asked all of you in this post {and received SO much feedback, thank you!}, watched YouTube videos, read articles on my favorite pregnancy sites {the bump, what to expect, etc.}, chatted with girlfriends, family members, and more! I wanted to know what helped, what was a waste of space, what I really needed, and what I might want. 

Below is my comprehensive list of what I have packed and ready! I realize I probably still overpacked, but better safe than sorry. I’ll update this list post-hospital and let you know the details of what I really needed/used. I’m linking what I can below! 

*As soon as i started filling my bag, I realized I needed a slightly larger one than a roller carry-on, so upgraded to my medium size Calpak. That way my towel + cozy blanket could fit. 

As of 3/17/2020, I have updated the below to what I actually used/was glad to have/could have left out/etc. Updates will be bolded or slashed out below!

what i'm packing in my hospital bag | sassy red lipstick

For me:

-Photo ID
-Insurance card
-My own pillow – SO glad I took this!!! Hospital pillows are so flat.
Favorite cozy blanketRobbie used this more than me since he didn’t have any real bedding. Glad we brought this!
Eye mask
Adult depends {sooo many of you suggested wearing these over the mesh panties the hospital gives you} – Another item I was so thankful to have in the hospital! Much easier to manage than the bulky pads.
-Snacks {rX bars, Chomps beef sticks, goldfish, etc.} — I’m not going to slash this out because most might want these, but we really just ate hospital meals and treats our family brought.
-My own hospital gownLoved having something much more cozy! I did throw it away after because it was very bloody.
-Socks {one pair of non-skid, one pair of fuzzy, and one pair of compression} – Used them all! Threw away the pair I labored in because I got blood on them.
-Robe for Fresh 48 photos – Loved having a cute “outfit” for photos!
Lip mask {use it as my chapstick} – Hospital is SO drying, a must!
-Toiletries {mini shampoo + conditioner, skincare items, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, lotion, etc.} – I did end up taking one shower while there and so glad I had all my own toiletries on hand!
-Make-up bag – We took Fresh 48 photos, so this was needed to me.
Reusable nursing pads My milk didn’t come in until after we got home from the hospital, so definitely didn’t need these.
Handheld fan – This was a MUST, but mine died half-way through labor and Robbie then used a hospital menu to fan me the rest of the time… so next time I’ll also add in spare batteries!
-Nursing bra {bringing this one and this one} – Must-haves for sure!
Jockey joggers + a tee shirt Definitely didn’t wear pants post-birth at the hospital
-Comfy, breastfeeding lounge dresses {bringing this and this} – Lived in these in the hospital!
Belly wrap Didn’t need in the hospital… and didn’t end up wearing regardless.
-2 pairs of slippers {an old, dirty pair + a new pair for Fresh 48 photos} – Loved having two pairs! Threw the old pair away before we left the hosptial!
-Disponible flip flops for showering – SO glad I brought these! Also threw these away.
-Refillable water tumbler I’m constantly drinking water from my tumbler, but the hospital will provide these!
Extra long phone cord charger {bought these this past January and have loved them!} – Loved having the extra length since outlets weren’t really close to the hospital bed!
Nipple cream Once again, since my milk didn’t come in while we were at the hospital, didn’t need this.
Perineal spray Hospital will provide all the postpartum care items while you are there! Definitely good to have on hand once home though.
My own bath towel Our towels are white and I didn’t realize how bloody I’d be {first time mom}, so I just used the thin, scratchy hospital one. BUT, Robbie did use mine, so that’s an option for your SO!
-Headphones + playlist {also threw in my earbud headphones} Playlist was KEY, but we just listened to the music out loud on our portable speaker my entire labor. Didn’t even touch headphones.
Tea tree body wash {per the suggestion of my SIL/doula Shannon} Didn’t need in the hospital, but used once at home!
Portable speaker SO KEY FOR MY LABOR
Portable white noise machine Loved having this for sleeping at night!
Portable phone charger Wasn’t necessary since our long charging cords worked great.

what i'm packing in my hospital bag | sassy red lipstick

For baby:

Infant car seat {ours is red, sadly sold out}
Fresh 48 outfit
Going home outfit
Pediatrician contact info – Important to have!
Swaddle blanket
Paci – Personally did not use in the hospital.
Baby book {to stamp footprints in} – Sadly forgot to have the nurses stamp his feet! Will definitely call this out before pushing next birth.
Boppy nursing pillowForgot to bring this in from the car our entire stay and I wish I would have! Always had to stack a million thin hospital pillows up to feed Taz.

For robbie:

His own pillow
His own towel
2 changes of clothes
Cozy blanket
Laptop + cameras + chargers
*All these things were necessary and used!

what i'm packing in my hospital bag | sassy red lipstick
what i'm packing in my hospital bag | sassy red lipstick