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20 May

where to buy pre-loved luxury goods

i’ve always been a huge lover of luxury goods! my grandparents gave me my first bag for my birthday when i was in 6th grade– a Dooney and Burke with colorful hearts all over it. from there, i always asked for Coach, Juicy Couture, and Michael Kors bags for my birthday/Christmas. a lot of that comes from seeing all the trends and designers from a young age, and then working at Nordstrom starting at 15 and truly having an appreciation for fashion and luxury goods. i bought my first high end designer bag myself from a friend my sophomore year of college for $450. it was a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 and i used it religiously for years! i don’t use it much now {it’s truly pretty worn}, but i’ll never sell it because it was my first and so special!

that being said, while i love and appreciate the experience of purchasing brand new luxury goods in-store at designer boutiques and department stores, to this day i still love shopping for pre-loved {also called secondhand} luxury goods as well. there’s a handful of people/brands i trust to buy from, so i wanted to share that with you today! last year, i was actually scammed by a con-artist {that’s a whole other story in and of itself}, so i know firsthand how it feels to be taken advantage of and spend thousands of dollars on fake luxury goods. i never want this to happen to any of you, so i’m sharing my own wisdom of who YOU can trust to buy secondhand from. all of the below recommendations come from real experience of me buying and/or selling from these legit brands.

1. Julia Rose Boston

i started following Julia probably a year and a half ago, and since then we’ve become really good IG friends! she’s an incredible seller and someone i trust completely. she’s based in Boston, but also spends time {and used to live} in London, so she has a lot of designer contacts overseas {UK, Europe, etc.}. which means, she can even find you luxury items for less, depending on the currency exchange at the moment! she does take consignment and thus sells pre-loved items as well. she’s sent me many scarves and twillies as a thank you for sharing her business regularly, but i’ve also purchased many items from her, as well! plus, i consigned a bag to her, too. she’s a curvy gal and regularly tries on bags over on her IG Story so you can see how they would fit on a curvy frame. love that so much!!!!

what i’ve purchased from Julia: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM, Chanel mini Coco Handle, Chanel hoops earrings, Louis Vuitton Toiletry 26, Chanel mini black flap

2. Opulent Habits

i’ve been following Opulent Habits for a few years now and am also really good friends with the owner, Darcy! i came across her business on YouTube in 2016, when i was looking for my first Chanel handbag and had something specific in mind. she shared her review of Chanel reds in classic flaps sizes and from there i reached out to her about bags. we’ve been friends ever since! i couldn’t recommend Opulent Habits enough! Darcy has a beautiful showroom in New Jersey so you can schedule an appointment and try-on/buy in person, a site you can purchase from, and shares so much of her inventory on IG. i’ve bought a few bags from her and they all have been in like-new condition. Darcy used to work for Chanel, so she really knows her designer goods! we’ve gone to lunch and i’ve been to her showroom, and she’s honestly the sweetest and funniest lady. love her and her very professional business!

bags i’ve purchased from Opulent Habits: Chanel Vanity, Chanel rose gold Mini, Chanel mini Vanity, Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeau

3. The Real Real

i’ve shared countless sponsored posts about The Real Real {here, here, and here to name a few}, but i am pretty much always browsing their site for specific items, keeping tabs on said items, and snagging one-of-a-kind designer goods! the reason i’ve been able to do so many fun projects with the brand is because i’ve purchased from them organically for years. i love their user-friendly app, the fact that their White Glove service will come to your home to pick up your consigned items, and their sales.

a few things i’ve purchased from The Real Real: Valentino Spike heart bag, Chanel O Case, Chanel sneakers {a few pairs}, Celine Box bag

note: there’s probably some people reading this that have come across articles that Chanel has sued The Real Real for having fake bags. all i can say is this: super fakes are out there and they are GOOD {i know, i was scammed!!!!}. i love that the The Real Real has a 100% guarantee your item is real or your money back, so there’s peace of mind when purchasing. i still trust them and continue to shop with them!

4. Yoogi’s Closet

i purchased my first Chanel bag from Yoogi’s Closet for my 25th birthday! i had a great experience buying from the brand and love, love, love my red Chanel Jumbo. i have not purchased anything since then from Yoogi’s, but still definitely recommend them and frequently check their site when i’m looking for something very specific.

honorable mentions: 


i have personally never purchased from Fashionphile, but they are a very reputable company and i do check their site when i’m looking for something specific! i have many friends who have purchased and/or sold bags to them, and they have nothing but good things to say.

eBay’s authenticate bags

once again, i’ve never personally purchased from eBay’s Authenticate service, but a lot of my blogger friends do and recommend! i’m excited to check it out!

designer bag groups on FB

i purchased one handbag {my new mini lilac Chanel!} from the large Chanel group on FB! i would be extremely cautious here, as there are fakes and scammers, but a large number of the sellers are legit and make their money selling bags here {either resale of popular, now-sold-out bags, secondhand bags, etc.}. i would say this option would be more for experienced buyers. i consulted with both Julia and Darcy on the bag i wanted to purchase before i did so to get some expert opinions. i would definitely have your bag authenticated after purchasing {or before if you have plenty of pics from the seller} for ease of mind.

hope this has been helpful! let me know if you have any other questions about where to buy secondhand luxury goods below! xx