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8 Nov

winter + holiday styling with Stitch Fix

many of you might not know this, but when robbie and i first moved to San Francisco i worked for Stitch Fix as a stylist for about the first six months we lived here before SRL really took off as my full-time gig! it was a great job because it’s from home and i truly love the company. Stitch Fix is an online style service that is personalized to your tastes, needs, and budget! basically, you fill out a style profile, are assigned a stylist, and then you determine how often you want to get your Fix. you get to try everything on in the comfort {and lighting!} of your home, and then whatever you don’t want you can send back. there’s a $20 styling fee that is applied to anything you keep.

it’s a really cool process, and it’s been fun to be on both ends of it {as a stylist and now as a blogger! you might remember this post with Stitch Fix a few years ago}. when i was working for Stitch Fix, they had just launched men’s. now they also have kids and plus, which is awesome! there’s something for everyone at Stitch Fix and i think that’s why the company has been so successful.

i was super excited to receive my Fix this week! i specifically asked for layering pieces for fall and winter {obsessed with the trench coat pictured here}, as well as something glam for the holidays. in my style profile, i noted that i needed sleeves on my dresses and nothing too short! your style profile is a great way to add in any little details to help your stylist: if you have any clothing restrictions, don’t wear certain fabrics/leather/etc, or if you’re looking for a specific event. i told me stylist i prefer more luxe brands, so she even sent Rag and Bone booties, which i love love love! the best part is you set your budget and what works for your lifestyle. i also noted that for my curvy figure, a form-fitting dress {but not too tight!} would work well for the holidays. i’m obsessed with the the glittery knit dress by Karl Lagerfeld my stylist included! it fits like a glove. you can have accessories sent, but i decided to skip those this Fix and use my own to style these looks.

the only item that didn’t fit and i sent back was a beautiful floral maxi dress from Rebecca Minkoff. it was a silk wrap style, and although style wise i loved it, the wrap didn’t quite work with my busty chest. and that’s okay! your Fix includes a pre-paid envelope to easily slip in the mail for anything that doesn’t work out. you typically have three days to checkout online {or on the app!} and return anything via mail after receiving your Fix. easy peasy!

thanks to Stitch Fix, i’m ready for winter and the holidays! as someone who used to work for the company, i couldn’t recommend this easy styling service more. it’s a great way to try new trends and expand your wardrobe based on your wants and needs. i love that you can give your stylist feedback after each Fix, so he or she can really nail down your personal style. be sure to head here to try out Stitch Fix for yourself! xx

thanks to Stitch Fix for sponsoring this post!