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13 Apr

work, work.

HaleyNordPhotography-8201-683x1024-1bi’m so excited to team up with the fab ladies over at Topaz & Sapphire today! these ladies are the true definition of girl bosses! they constantly inspire millennial women in their careers and home lives. i wrote an editorial piece on their blog all about three different types of outfits to wear to job interviews. you can read it in its entirety here. i’m also giving some of my top tips for interviewing! while i’m currently not in a corporate setting, i’ve had my fair share of interviews for internships & career opportunities.

today’s outfit inspiration is something i would wear to an agency interview {i graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising}. it’s casual, yet chic & appropriate. read here why i once felt overdressed for a creative agency interview and how this outfit is the perfect solution.

here’s to nabbing your dream job with the help of a fantastic outfit! xxHaleyNordPhotography-8164 HaleyNordPhotography-8216 HaleyNordPhotography-8185 HaleyNordPhotography-8145 HaleyNordPhotography-8167 HaleyNordPhotography-8198 HaleyNordPhotography-8166 HaleyNordPhotography-8211 HaleyNordPhotography-8178 HaleyNordPhotography-8226 HaleyNordPhotography-8196 HaleyNordPhotography-8248dress: koodeker {similar}
neck scarf: Forever21
sandals: Zara
bag c/o: The Lady Bag {get 10% off w/ code ‘Sarah10’}
watch: Michael Kors
bracelets: vintage
lips: beso

photos by Haley Nord