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23 Aug

you are a pink Starburst!

Starburst recently sent me the most amazing PR package… full of their ‘You Are a Pink Starburst’ collection goodies! this was easily one of the most fun packages i’ve ever received because pink Starbursts are my fave AND the merch was all pink! i couldn’t resist doing a cute little photoshoot with the candy in front of one of my favorite pink walls here in SF. you can shop the Starburst items below, too!

Starburst’s ‘You Are a Pink Starburst’ campaign is all about pink starbursts being the most special ones in the pack… just like you! i’m sure you’ve all seen the ‘don’t let anyone treat you like you’re a yellow Starburst; you are a pink Starbust’ meme that’s been all over social media, Pinterest, etc. i love that Starburst fully embraced everyone’s love for their pink flavor!

the collection was designed by Erin Robertson, who won Season 15 of Project Runway. you can view the entire campaign for Starburst here! be sure to watch the vide0!

you are special. you are unique. you are a pink Starburst! and don’t you forget it! now i just need to get my hands on this bejeweled pink Starburst bag… xx

‘i am a pink Starburst’ tee c|o Starburst
pink Starburst denim jacket c|o Starburst
pink Starbursts c|o Starburst
distressed denim
suede pink  Louboutins 
pink Gucci belt
pink Chanel Boy bag
Chanel cat eye sunglasses
Pink Nouveau lipstick